The story of the blazer – kept short

an iconic piece since the 18th century

The classic blazer jacket got its name at the beginning of the 18th century with influence from the mariners: marine sportsmen and the navy crew wore uniform jackets that had the shape of the classic blazers as we know them today. One explanation of the name is that the jacket was named after a ship of the English navy called HMS Blazer.

Some people, on the other hand, believe that the classic blazer is a simpler version of the naval officer’s blue frock coat. Today, the iconic blazer jackets are made in several versions, and there are even different designs for different levels of formality.

Lunch, celebration or an
important business meeting?

See how to style your blazer to different occasions

Whether you are going to a casual lunch, a celebration or an important business meeting, the blazer is key to your look. In order to give you inspiration on how to style your blazer for different occasions, we have put together three different looks with focus on the blazer.


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look cool and presentable at once

A single-breasted, simple blazer in a dark color will make your look casual, yet classic. Add a pair of light brown chinos as a warm contrast to the dark jacket and wear a T-shirt or polo under your blazer to underline the casual look. Complete the look with a pair of sunglasses in warm brown.


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think of contrasts when you want to look festive

When your classic blazer needs to be part of a modern evening look, you can advantageously match it with a pair of chinos in a completely different color or material to create a cool contrast. A navy-blue blazer and a white pair of chinos are perfectly contrasting. Wear a light blue shirt under your blazer and add a navy-blue tie to complete the blue look.


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go all-in and choose a full suit

For important business meetings and for work in general, a classic suit always works. Choose a suit in a deep blue color and wear a white shirt to keep it all sharp and stylish. You can also wear the blazer together with a pair of casual chinos in a matching color. Complete the look with a simple handkerchief in white and a classic leather briefcase to keep a check on paperwork and computer.



follow the rules and match your blazer with the occasion

A blazer jacket of good quality is a must-have in every wardrobe, as it can be used in many ways: it can be styled differently and thereby match different occasions. It is important to be aware of the rules for how to button a blazer and to know how to style the blazer so that it suits the intended occasion. 

The single-breasted blazer
A single-breasted blazer is the most casual type of blazer. It consists of two parts, which are usually buttoned together by two or three buttons.

The double-breasted blazer
A double-breasted blazer is more formal of character and usually has four, six or eight buttons, which are used to fasten the left part of the blazer’s front over the right part.

Closure of the blazer
There are unwritten, yet important, rules on how to button a blazer. The single-breasted blazer with one button should always be buttoned, while the single-breasted blazer with two buttons should only be closed by the top button. A single-breasted blazer with three buttons should also be closed by the top button – and also the middle one if you like. A double-breasted blazer should be closed by the buttons that are placed in line with the waist.



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