A Christmas
like never before

Keyclubco.com invites you to a magical
Christmas in collaboration with Swarovski

This year, Christmas in Tivoli will be more magical than ever,
as Tivoli Gardens sets up a 10-meter Swarovski Christmas tree
decorated with 3.000 sparkling crystals. And in collaboration with Keyclubco.com
Swarovski will sell their iconic Christmas ornaments in Tivolis garden.

Swarovski x Keyclubco.com

Do not miss it when a 10-meter Swarovski Christmas tree decorated with the iconic sparkling crystals of the brand will take the scene in front of Nimb in Tivoli

We have been looking forward to revealing to our Key members that we have started an exclusive partnership with Swarovski. This means that this years’ Christmas will be more magical than ever, as it will be possible for you to enjoy the sight of a 10-meter Swarovski Christmas tree decorated with the iconic crystals from the brand – from top to bottom. And if enjoying the sight of the Christmas tree is not enough, you have the chance to shop an exclusive selection of Swarovski products in the nearby pop-up shop and bring home a sparkling memory.

Here you can read more about our exclusive Christmas collaboration with
the world-famous crystal producer. 


Pop-up shop with ornaments

Bring home some of the magic

Besides seeing the sparkling Christmas tree in front of Nimb in Tivoli, you will get the chance to shop a selection of Swarovski’s famous Christmas ornaments for your home, as the passionate team behind Keyclubco.com will be selling the Swarovski ornaments from an enchanted pop-up shop, which will be open the entire Christmas season. Here you can find crystal ornaments in the shape of stars, angels, reindeers, jingle bells and snowmen, just like you will find a selection of elegant Swarovski jewelry and iconic pens – everything with crystals, of course.

If you do not have the chance to visit Tivoli this Christmas, the Swarovski ornaments will also be available exclusively for Key members with login on Keyclubco.com.

Read more about the membership and become a member. 

A unique partnership

The biggest Scandinavian Christmas Collaboration ever

On Keyclubco.com, we are proud to be working with Swarovski. The Austrian crystal company has existed since 1895 and is known for their mesmerizing crystals, which have been used for the decoration of Christmas trees in cities such as New York, Zürich, Paris and Milan.

In addition to Swarovskis Christmas tree in Tivoli it seemed natural to start this partnership and let the sparkling Swarovski crystals take the scene in Tivoli in Copenhagen this year. The Christmas tree in front of Nimb in Tivoli will be decorated with clear crystals in order to adapt to the Scandinavian minimalism and style, and the tree will be the result of the biggest Scandinavian Christmas collaboration ever. 

Hayley Quinn, who is the Managing Director; UK, Ireland & Nordics, says:

“As a brand that is synonymous with Christmas and recognized globally for our annual Christmas ornaments it is a pleasure to be partnering with Tivoli as the proud sponsor of this year’s Christmas tree and  we look forward to bringing some added sparkle to the festivities.”



The pop-up shop and the magical Christmas tree with Swarovski crystals will be placed in front of Nimb in Tivoli from November 16th 2019 until January 5th 2020.

We will see you in Tivoli – always as never before.

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