Brands we love

We look for the unique in every brand We are in love with Danish as well as international brands, all having the same thing in common – brands that have that ‘certain something’. They can be unique, exclusive, upcoming, or well known – maybe they have an exciting story to tell, like Eight & Bob, maybe they have managed to create a trend, like Bon Parfumeur, or maybe it is just the same old love, that never dies, like classic Longchamp and Victorinox. They all have that little extra that sparks a special feeling in us.

Come along on an adventure We have a wish to make online shopping an experience, a wonderful adventure, and therefore we have collected everything under the same roof. Here you can find the most exquisite brands for men for example mens watches, elegant fashion ties, and the newest headphones, while women can discover all the newest and fashionable perfumes, exquisite jewelry and nice interior items. Indulge yourself in our sports category and discover what is the best of the best in your favorite sport, or you can check out our wine category, where you’ll find delicious red and white wine as well as champagne, all from the most prominent areas like Burgundy, Alsace, Tuscany, Mosel and many more. Furthermore you’ll learn more about natural wine and see what you should serve at your next dinner party.

In short, we have attempted to give you the best of the best in all of the different categories, so you only need to shop at one place. And with new brands every month, you can be sure, there will always be a surprise waiting for you when you are exploring our universe.