The world´s best glasses
are from Zalto

The glasses from Zalto have won international awards for being the best in all three glass categories, so it’s no wonder that they have become known as the world’s best glasses. But why? We will guide you through three of the most iconic glasses and reveal what is so special about the famous Zalto Denk’Art collection.

What is special about the glasses from Zalto?

You can tell if a glass is from Zalto at a glance because of its paper-thin stem and elegant curve. The shape is inspired by the Earth’s slope: the angles are 24, 48 and 72 degrees and bring out the very best in the wine. Moreover, the curve of the glass ensures wine remains fresh for the longest time possible. When a Zalto glass is made, it goes through a long process of correction and fine adjustment until it is 100% perfect.

01: For light wines

An elegant glass for the elegant wines

The light and elegant white wine glass from Zalto’s Denk’Art collection is narrow, delicate and designed to refine every experience of lighter wines.

The combination of the aesthetic silhouette and the beautiful craftmanship makes the glass suitable for natural as well as classic, fruity white wines and medium-bodied, fruity red wines such as:

– Riesling • Sauvignon Blanc • Muskateller • Sparkling wines • Gamay • Cabernet Franc –

02: For anything you want

The Universal glass suits it all

The universal glass is one of the most popular wineglasses from the Zalto Denk’Art collection, because you can enjoy most wines – and any other cold drink – from it.

The simple and sophisticated design stands out, and so will the grapes you pour into it.

The universal glass is especially good for the following wines:

– Grünen Veltliner • Chardonnay • Sangiovese
Trebbiano • Savagnin • Syrah • Grenache –

03: For full-bodied wines

A chubby glass for the plump, characteristic wines

A good red wine deserves to be enjoyed from the ultimate glass. The Burgundy glass from Zalto will sweeten every experience of a bodied, characterful red wine.

The impressive and characteristic silhouette of the glass provides a stunning finish and really allows the wine to breathe. All nuances of the wine will be set free, and you will undoubtably make the most of the grapes. The Burgundy glass is perfect for the following wines:

– Pinot Noir • Nebbiolo • Barbera • Chardonnay –


How do I care for my Zalto glasses?

Surely you want to keep your Zalto glasses looking beautiful for as long as possible,
and that is actually not that difficult.

Even though the fine, elegant crystal and the paper-thin stem will let you to think that the glasses are fragile and impossible to handle, the popular glasses are actually quite robust. There’s no problem with washing them in the dishwasher. We actually recommend that you wash your Zalto glasses in the dishwasher, because you risk pressing too hard when washing by hand and thereby breaking the glass.

When washing your Zalto glasses in the dishwasher, be sure they stand free from other glasses or kitchen utensils made of metal, to avoid scratches. Wash by a max of 50 degrees. Immediately after the program has ended, make sure you open the dishwasher to let the steam out, but leave the glasses inside and let them dry. If stains occur from calcium (common with hard water), you can remove them with vinegar.