Choose the right hairbrush
for your hair type

Are you unsure about which hairbrush to choose?
Read our Mason Pearson guide and learn which brush is most suitable for your hair.

The most popular hairbrushes

It is no surprise that Mason Pearson creates the most popular hairbrushes on the market: The brushes are recommended by hairdressers all over the world, and we all know at least one person who uses one of the iconic brushes. But which brush is suitable for which hair type? And what is it exactly that has made Mason Pearson brushes this popular? We will guide you through the five brush types and explain what makes each one special.

01: B

For fine or normal hair 

B stands for boar and indicates that this brush is made from 100% boar bristle hair. This makes the brush suitable to use in fine to normal hair. Your hair can be short or long – however, it must be easy to comb out.

02: BN

For thick hair

BN stands for boar and nylon and indicates that this brush is made using a combination of boar and nylon bristle hair. The brush is suitable for thick hair and can be used for both short and long styles. The brush is especially effective on tangled hair.

03: SB

For the sensitive scalp

SB stands for sensitive and boar and indicates that this brush is made using very fine boar bristle hair, making it suitable for people who have a sensitive scalp or very fine or thin hair. The brush can be used for both short and long hair.

04: BM & BNM

The shaftless brushes

BM and BNM have the same type of bristle hair as B and BN, but the M stands for military, meaning that this brush is made without a shaft. Some people prefer to comb their hair with a shaftless brush because they feel like they have greater control. So, the brushes have the same qualities – the only difference is that BM and BNM are shaftless.

05: SBM

Sensitive – and shaftles

SBM has the same qualities as SB and is therefore also suitable for sensitive scalps and fine or thin hair. The M simply means that this brush is made without a shaft.

Which size should I choose?

In addition, the hairbrushes from Mason Pearson are available in different sizes, and it might seem difficult to figure out what impact the size has on the brush’s work. In fact, the size of the brush has no impact on its qualities. The size only indicates the number of hair rings of the brush, and how big the brush is: the higher the number, the bigger the brush. 

1. Large 8 rings of hair  2. Medium 7 rings of bristle hair  3. Handy 6 rings of bristle hair 4. Pocket 5 rings of bristle hair

To see the measures and to compare
the brushes, check our SIZE GUIDE here

Get glossy and
voluminous hair

Perhaps the most special thing about a Mason Pearson brush is that the bristle hair is very closely attached, and the boar bristle is capable of stimulating and massaging the scalp. This sets free natural oils that can be spread along the lengths of the hair with the brush. These oils add a natural glow and volume to the hair – in fact, the oils are necessary for the hair to remain glossy. Mason Pearson recommends that the brush is combed through the hair 100 times each day in order to give the hair the optimal amount of oils. 

A hair revolution

It was back in 1885 that Mason Pearson himself created the very first brush. In England, where Mason Pearson lived, the brushes quickly gained in popularity and were soon spotted in every English lifestyle magazine. The brushes were praised for their ability to nourish the hair – without the need to use anything else. Since then, the brushes have spread across the English borders and, today, the iconic brushes from Mason Pearson are popular worldwide. 

A brush for the brush

When you buy a Mason Pearson hairbrush, you will also receive an extra, small brush for cleaning the brush of excess oils and dirt from the hair. While it’s only necessary to clean the brush every once in a while, it is important because only when the brush is clean can it do its job properly.