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At Keyclubco.com, our vision is to always give our members that little extra.Therefore, we have exclusively teamed up with some of
the very best restaurants in Denmark to give you the opportunity to enjoy your benefits in the gastronomic world as well.

Your membership gives you access to tasty benefits at leading Danish restaurants such as Selma, Kaptajn, Roxie and many others.

Photo: 01. Marie Louise Munkegaard, Roxie 02. Kaptajn

The Restaurants

From casual lunch to famous Michelin

Over the past few years, Danes have become known for their ability to master the specialties of the Nordic kitchen.

World-class restaurants are located all over the country: on Bornholm, you can enjoy Michelin dining, and in Aarhus you will find popular and innovative restaurants. However, most of the leading restaurants are located in the city of Copenhagen.

On the list of our collaborative restaurants you will find small and authentic eateries as well as famous Michelin restaurants.
The concept and style of the restaurants vary, but common to all is that their menus are built around good, local ingredients, and that the courses are the result of creative initiatives from the chefs.

At Keyclubco.com, we are passionate about wine, and that is why we have partly chosen our collaborators on the basis of their wine lists.
Therefore, you can always expect to have a wonderful wine experience when booking a table via your membership.


The benefits

Get bubbles on the house or up to 15% off your check

The restaurants choose themselves which exclusive member benefits they wish to offer.
For example, the benefit could be welcome
bubbles and caviar, delicious cocktails or up to 15% off the entire check.

Under Club Partners you can read more about each restaurant and its specific benefit.
It is also here that you can order your restaurants benefits.

Photo: The Pescetarian

We offer exclusive benefits on some of the leading Danish restaurants, with more to come

See some of the benefits here

• 10% off the entire check at Selma
• 15% off the entire check at Jah Izakaya & Sake Bar
• Bubbles and caviar when ordering the dining menu at Kaptajn
• Welcome bubbles for the entire table at Brace
• Bubbles and snacks for the entire table at Mastek
• Welcome bubbles for the entire table at Marv & Ben
• Welcome bubbles for the entire table at The Pescatarian
• 10% off the entire check when ordering the evening menu and wine menu at No. 2
• Welcome cocktails on the house at Trio
• Bubbles and snacks when ordering the ‘Ponyspark’ menu at Pony
• Welcome cocktails on the house at Roxie

More exclusive Club Partners

• Restaurant Frank 
• Kadeau Bornholm
• Dragsholm Slot – Slotskøkkenet
• Dragsholm Slot – Spisehuset


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