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Watches for women
On Keyclubco.com we offer multiple different watches for women! Our watches are available in many styles and sizes, and they are all waterproof. Moreover, the watches in Keyclubco.com’s assortment have long life batteries.
Which watch to choose?
If you are considering to invest in a new watch you can advantageously choose a watch that matches your most worn jewellery and accessories. Our watches are available with leather straps or plated in silver, gold or rosegold so that you can choose a watch in the same nuances as your favourite accessories.  
Dials in different sizes
Our watches are available in different sizes, and the size of the dial has an impact on the fashion of the watch: A small dial adds to a simple and elegant look and a large dial creates a more dominant and masculine look. 
Popular brands
Our watches are picked out from popular brands! As an example, we offer the classic and elegant watches from the Danish brand Skagen. A beautiful detail is that there is a small diamond placed in the dial of some of the watches. Classic and elegant! We have also got watches from brands like KronabyVictorinox and Fossil
Looking for a fitness watch?
On Keyclubco.com we also offer watches made for sports and fitness! Look under the category Sport & Outdoor