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Are you looking for the best grooming products for your beard, or are you hunting for a special gift for the man who has everything? Our products for beard care are carefully selected because of their great performance and ensures a healthy and fragrant beard. If the beard is too big – or perhaps you don’t care for a beard, we have the best shavers and trimmers from Philips which are all in top quality and timeless design – of course!
Is the old toothbrush worn out? Or does your old electric toothbrush run out of battery after one spin? Look no further, our selection of toothbrushes from Philips are our personal favorites, comes in fashionable design and keeps your smile in top shape and of course keeps your teeth clean. In addition to the toothbrush, we also provide an exceptional toothpaste from French Lebon, which is both eco-friendly and free from fluoride.
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It’s a jungle out there to find the right lotions for body and face care. Therefore, we have personally selected the best lotions (and our personal favorites) for both body and face, which gives great care and freshens your skin up. With quality brands like Verso you will be sure to leave your skin soft, clean and fragrant!
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We’ve got the best brands which ensures a fragrant man for the whole day. Our selection includes brands like Nomenclature, Verdúu, and Wackelwasser which all find their common grounds by being so great that you’ll be coming back for more once the flask is empty!