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Baby Monitors & Alarms loves baby monitors & alarms!
in this category you will find a wide selection of baby monitors and alarms, from some of the world’s best brands. At Keyclubco we have a selection of baby monitors from acknowledged brands such as Neonate, Philips and Motorola.
Neonate baby monitors does the best in test and reviews!
Neonate got 6 out of 6 stars in a test. This is caused to the baby monitors good reach in range, the battery life, the user friendliness, and the resistance of radio interference. Furthermore, baby monitors from Neonate has a super sensitive microphone to react to baby sounds.
Baby monitors with camera, light and sound
At the Keyclub you will find baby monitors with a video function – this way you can guard the child’s sleep with pictures. With this you can control the camera from your mobile device or the other half of the monitor. The camera can tilt and pan – this way you have the whole picture of the room. Furthermore, Keyclubco has alarms for doors, for you to keep an eye on items not to be opened when you are not around.