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All kinds of light!
On Keyclubco.com you will find a wide range of advanced light sources. Our selection consists of many different light bulbs and contacts so that you can choose the exact kind of light you need.
The newest in lightning
A brand that really knows how to fulfill our needs when it comes to lightning is Philips! Philips Hue makes a wide range of lightning products that are developed with help from the newest technology. As an example you will find lightning bulbs that can be set on 16 millions different colors.
As easy as it gets
The lightning products from Philips give you the opportunity to control the light from a smartphone or tablet, even when you are not at home! You can also adjust the light depending on whether you wish to relax, read, focus or need more energy. You can also have motions censors so you don’t have to press any contact to turn on the light.
Natural light day and night
Another advantage of the Philips Hue lightning is that you can adjust the light so that it matches the natural light of sunrise and the natural darkness of sunset, which helps you to get up in the morning and to fall asleep at night.
In our selection of light sources you will also find advanced contacts. You can find both TAP contacts and DIM contacts that can help you adjusting the light, and at the same time they work as regular contacts.