Blow dryer & straightener

Dry your hair without it being damaged!
We at loves hair dryers! We have a great selection that guarantees a professional feel. They have attributes like infrared technology that adjusts the heat after the natural hydration, which helps in protecting the natural moisture level. This means that the hair is protected from overheating. Another attribute is the ionic conditioning, which gives the hair a shiny look and prevents it from being frizzy, as well as, several functions like cold air. See for example our products from Philips where you can get a blow dryer with a diffuser or a styling concentrator. Thus, we have products that can fulfil your specific need or needs. 

Straight or curly hair in no time!
We love straighteners! They are perfect for straightening the hair, as well as, curling it. We at have a great collection of straighteners that will guarantee a perfect look in no time. Our Philips straighteners have instant heat-up, ionic conditioning that makes the hair shiny and frizz free, as well as, a sensor that adjusts the heat according to your hair’s natural hydration. They create fantastic looks, while still protecting the moisture and keeping the damages on a minimum.