Wine & Spirits loves wine!
At you can purchase the best wines. We offer a wide selection of some of world’s best wines – we carry both ecologic and biodynamic wines from some of the world’s finest wine farmers and high-quality domains. We recommend the champagne from André Beaufort, pinot noir and Riesling from Cathrine Riis, amazing wines from Claire Naudins farm in Bourgogne, wines from Ocre Rouge with grapes like Cinsault, Grenache, Syrah, chardonnay, pinot noir and sparkling wines. From Weingut Peter Mentges we offer grapes like Riesling and Spätburgunger. Fattaoria Ceretto Libri and les Bottes Rouges creates amazing biodynamic wines.
Which wine to choose?
At we offer both red wines, white wines, sparkling wines and champagne. Wine is an essential part of a delicious meal. At you will find a guide to which wine to choose to which meal – if you are serving chicken, lamb, sushi, veal, salmon or pizza – we have just the wine for you! We appreciate wines without any additives or preservatives, which is why we choose ecological and biodynamic wines!
Wine as a gift
A good bottle of wine is always a good gift. Wine symbolizes good times, love and the best social gatherings. With a bottle of wine, you give joy to both men and women. Choose a wine you would like to drink yourself – if you like it brut or fruity choose that. To give a gift is all about thinking someone else. Gifts are personal and thoughtful, so pick a wine from the range at