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Wine & Spirits

Keyclubco.com loves wine!
At Keyclubco.com, we obviously also offer wine. We have handpicked a special selection of wines for you. Our wine assortment consists of sustainable wines—organic, biodynamic and all natural without anything missing or added. We especially value wine that is organic or biodynamic and free from additives because we love wine that is as close to nature as possible. French wines are very close to our hearts, but we also love modern wines from young and progressive wine makers in Australia. In short, we are offering wines that taste great and are properly made.
Our recommendations
We especially recommend organic champagnes from André Beaufort, lovely Burgundy wines from Claire Naudin, nature wines from Catherine Riss and playful, funky wines from Casé in Emilia Romagna in Italy. We also recommend Australian wines and have chosen to sell very limited and in-demand wines such as Baw Shire and Gippsland from William Downie as well as playful wines such as Rain from the young and talented Patrick Sullivan. On this list are also Chardonnay Roayle and Cabaret from the lovely Bobar.
Yes, we have something for every taste, so which one should you choose?
At Keyclubco.com, we offer everything from champagnes and white wines to orange wines and red wines. Wine is an essential part of any good meal, so we will help you choose the right one to complement your ingredients, whether salad, shellfish, chicken, meat from the slaughter, pizza or anything else. 
Reputable Danish spirits
Spirits from small and authentic distilleries are becoming more and more popular, which is why we have chosen to offer some of the best Danish spirits. We have gin, aquavit and liquor from Copenhagen Distillery and gin and tonic water from Gin Heroes in Ebeltoft. 
Wine as a gift
A bottle of wine or liquor is always a nice gift. Wine symbolizes celebration, love and social gatherings. With a bottle of wine, you will make men as well as women happy. It is a good idea to always choose a wine that you like yourself: If you like it dry, choose a dry one. Presents should always be personal and thoughtful, so you can successfully choose one from Keyclubco.com.