The best for your journey
Travelling should always be a pleasure! And that is why your luggage needs to be both lightweight, spacious and easy to carry around. On we offer many different suitcases in many different colours and sizes!

For how long will you be away?
Your suitcase’s size depends on how long you will be travelling! On we offer suitcases for all types of journeys: The weekend trip, the one-week vacation or the long journey around the globe. 

Design and functionality should always be united!
We love it when high quality and design are combined, and therefore we have picked out our assortment of suitcases from brands like Samsonite: The suitcases are made in an appealing, timeless design, and moreover they are made with wheels and in hard case. Another detail is that the suitcases from Samsonite are light weight. Have a pleasant journey!