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Keyclubco.com loves housekeeping
In this category you will find a wide range of home appliance, which will make housekeeping much easier. For example, you will find steam irons from Philips, steamers from Steamery and many other kinds of home appliance.
Housekeeping on a budget
It is possible to do housekeeping on a budget with the right tools. Get rid of annoying bills from the dry cleaner by using a steamer at home. This way you can steam your suit, carpet or silk clothes at home. A steamer works by letting steam out to antiwrinkle your textiles and kill bacteria. To use a steamer you just put your clothes on a hanger and turn on the steamer. Then you make a steady motion across the fabrics to get rid of wrinkles. With a steamer you are secured against holes in the fabric, and you can use the steamer on all textiles. At Keyclubco.com we offer the steamers form Steamery Stockholm.
The best steam irons
At Keyclubco.com you will find the best steam irons from Philips. If you want to take good care of your steam iron without furring it up, you can use demineralized water. Demineralized water is water without any minerals such as calcium, which will ruin your steam iron over time. demineralized water can be purchased in most convenience stores.
Use the water from your condenser dryer as demineralized water for your steam iron
If you own a condenser dryer, which is a dryer who creates condense, you can use the condense as demineralized water. This is because condense is water without any minerals. This way you can still take care of your steam iron, without damaging it over time.

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