Eau De Parfume

Intense and lasting
Are you looking for a perfume that are intense and lasts for a long time? Then it’s an eau de parfum that is the right fit for you. We at Keyclubco.com have a great selection of fabulous eau de parfum’s from Zarko, Wackelwasser, and many more that will guarantee you finding something you will love. Eau de parfum have a more concentrated scent as they contain a bigger amount of fragrant oils. That is why they last longer. This also means that you don’t have to use as much at a time and don’t need to freshen it up as you would an eau de toilette. They are perfect for social occasions and parties or if you like a more intense scent for everyday use. Eau de parfum are strongest the first couple of hours but decreases little by little and leaves a less intense fragrance that lasts for hours.