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Bags of High Quality for Both Him and Her
Bags can simply be an extremely practical way to carry your belongings from one place to another, an elegant fashion statement or both combined. Here at Keyclubco.com we host a wide selection of quality bags for both men and women. Finding something that captures and maintains your attention should not be a challenge; in this category, you will find everything from suitcases and travel bags to shoulder bags, computer sleeves and wallets. We pride ourselves in our up-to-date selection of high-quality products and welcome you to browse with us!

Travel Comfortably with an Excellent Suitcase
Travelling is a great experience, but it can often be tainted by impracticalities such as a poorly designed suitcase cracking or one of its zippers breaking. If you are looking for a suitcase to satisfy your travel needs and quality standards, you have come to the right place. Keyclubco.com offers well-made suitcases in various sizes and models from acknowledged brands Samsonite and Longchamp. Samsonite is a worldwide leader in travel bags, luggage, and accessories. The suitcases we offer are prime examples of the brand’s ability to combine style with the latest design technology, because there is undeniable attention to long-term durability. With over 100 years of history, Samsonite’s rich heritage has also aided in the production of their excellent suitcases. Cutting-edge designs and next generation polypropylene or polycarbonate cases ensure the strength and flexibility of their products. Furthermore, the company works tirelessly to ensure its supply chain reflects its values: expecting suppliers to treat workers fairly and to protect environmental quality. Keyclubco.com puts forth a multitude of colour, size and model options so that you can find not only what you need, but what you want as well. Longchamp has been a family story since 1948. This luxury brand produces lightweight suitcases and all models are fitted with a high-tech water- and tear-resistant zippers and even a TSA lock for ease of travel in the USA. Longchamp combines quality with environmental responsibility: with a commitment to creating durable products that function well within a circular economy model. Any leather used comes from livestock farming which does not contribute to deforestations and hides are processed by the best tanners in various countries around the world. Maybe Longchamp is the right brand for you!

Find Your Perfect Shoulder & Tote Bags at Keyclubco.com
The shoulder and tote bags at Keyclubco.com come from the reputable brands of ATP Atelier and Longchamp. Whether you seek a sleek, modest design or a bolder, vibrant bag, our selection should be able to assuage your desires. Shoulder and tote bags are perfect for being on-the-move in day-to-day life.
Longchamp launched its first handbag for women in 1971 and their aforementioned environmental considerations are notable. Whenever possible, the brand recycles diverse materials such as: scrap leather, textiles, cardboard and plastic. Longchamp bags are classic, yet never out of style. ATP Atelier hopes to inspire smart choices: both for the customer themselves and for the world they live in. They embody the idea of smart luxury, which is a lifestyle based on conscious decision-making in terms of socially, ecologically and emotionally sustainable perspectives. ATP Atelier combines genuine craftmanship with contemporary design; with their products being made in in Italy by local craftsmen. The bags are generally made from vegetable tanned leathers, and by being metal free the tanning residue is easy to dispose of and has a low impact on the environment. The process is based on a rapidly decomposing organic chemical in order to be non-polluting. Keyclubco.com believes that if you purchase the elegant products of ATP Atelier, you will not be disappointed.

Weekend & Travel Bags You Can Trust
In the weekend and travel bags section you can find more fantastic Longchamp products that Keyclubco.com is happy to introduce to you. The captivating minimalistic silhouettes and copious volumes of these bags can easily carry all the materials you have with you, such as important work documents or a laptop. Keyclubco.com offers multiple colours and sizes, so that you can host a bag suitable for any season or personal look. These bags are ideal for everyday use and are always durable enough to maintain your essentials close by. We promise that you can trust in the quality of these products.

Briefcases & Laptop Bags: Rational Styles with a Luxurious Touch
Keyclubco.com also has briefcases and laptop bags from Longchamp. These are ideal for work and travel. They combine classic, timeless designs with practicality. Longchamp briefcases and laptop bags quickly become essentials thanks to their padded compartments and well-organised pockets. You can store the bulk of your materials in these bags but keep everything in order despite quantity. The attention to detail is impeccable, as can be expected from all products from the brand. A deliberately serious look in these models allows for a masculine feel.

Secure Your Cash & Cards with our Selection of Wallets & Card Holders
Here at Keyclubco.com we do not think that it is too much to ask for security and practicality, as well as style in wallets and card holders. Again, our products come from the Longchamp label. The generous interiors and clever designs of these wallets and card holders allow you to hold plenty of items at once, from credit cards to loose change. As with all of Longchamp’s leather products, you can always expect a smooth, high-quality feel and finish.

Umbrellas to Your Liking at Keyclubco.com
Umbrellas are an everyday accessory- that is, if you like to be prepared or live in a particularly rainy area. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours, materials and price-points. Here at Keyclubco.com we offer Longchamp umbrellas, which consist of genuine curved maple wood handles, so that elegance is not lost in the hassles of day-to-day life or hurries in the rain. These sophisticated accessories will protect you from the rain and protect your sense of style from being tainted by a clumsy design.