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Welcome to our exclusive restaurant benefits
At Keyclubco.com, we are collaborating with leading Danish restaurants to give you the opportunity to use your member benefits in the gastronomic world. Our list of collaborative restaurants includes small and authentic restaurants, as well as famous Michelin restaurants. We are offering you tasteful benefits and savings at restaurants such as Selma, Roxie, Kaptajn – and many more. The restaurant benefits are only available for our members, who can use the benefits free of charge. Simply order the desired benefit as a normal product, and you will receive a unique code by e-mail. When booking your table at the restaurant, provide the code and the restaurant will take care of the rest.

As a member of keyclubco.com, you get an even better restaurant experience
Thanks to your membership at Keyclubco.com, you have the opportunity to enjoy several exclusive benefits at some of the leading Danish restaurants – free of charge. Visit restaurants such as:

KADEAU BORNHOLM When booking your table at Kadeau Bornholm through us, you will get bubbles upon arrival. Located on Bornholm, the restaurant’s food style is built around the Nordic kitchen, and local ingredients from the island are central. Kadeau has got its own vegetable garden where greens, herbs and berries grow and are used in the delicious dishes. Kadeau is especially known for its preserving and fermentation methods.

PONY With your membership at Keyclubco.com, you can enjoy bubbles and snacks at Pony, which is the little brother of Kadeau. At Pony, the team use methods that are similar to the ones used at Kadeau, including fermentation and the preserving of greens, herbs and berries. However, the atmosphere is more casual, and the courses are bigger –here, just a couple of servings will be enough.

KAPTAJN You have the chance to enjoy bubbles and caviar upon arrival when booking your table at Kaptajn through us. At Kaptajn, the vibe is always good, and guests enjoy their dinner in relaxed surroundings. There is room for everyone, regardless of whether you would like a glass of wine and oysters or a complete gastronomic experience.

AOC We have arranged a tasting of the very exclusive Svalbard mineral water when you visit AOC. AOC is one of the most famous and celebrated restaurants. We are extremely proud to collaborate with a restaurant in that league and offer it to you. AOC only offers a tasting menu, which includes twelve servings in addition to the snacks and champagne you start off with. The tasting menu is more than a dinner: it is a complete experience.

NO.2 When visiting No.2, you will get 10% off the bill when booking your table though us. No.2 is sister to the two-star Michelin restaurant, AOC. The style at No.2 is more relaxed than at AOC, but the restaurant is run with same uncompromising approach to products, selection of wines, tastes, and flavors. The style is more like a bistro with a Nordic touch, with the best Danish ingredients.

DRAGSHOLM SLOT As a member of Keyclubco.com, your visit to Dragsholm Slot will be completed with bubbles – free of charge, of course. Slotskøkkenet at Dragsholm Slot is among Denmark’s gastronomic elite – the restaurant’s achievements and awards testify to that. The restaurant was awarded a Michelin star in 2017, the year in which it was also named 4th best restaurant in Denmark and 8th best in the Nordic countries. The restaurant offers two menus, and you can choose between two different wine pairings as well.