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Candles & Holders love candles and holders!
Candles and holders are the perfect accessory to any home. They are great as decoration as well as a practical source of light and subtle aroma. They fit into any room in your home and brings a cosy and romantic feel. 
Scented candles
We offer you a large selection of scented candles that comes in several different aromas and designs. David Mallett and Feu De Beaumont offer you classy and simple candles while Lladro have created candles that are playful whilst still keeping it on the simple and classy side.
Candle holders
Candle holders are lovely, as well, as practical. They work as both a decoration and a setting for your candles. We have a range of beautiful, Swarovski, Baccarat, and Frederik Bagger crystal holders for tealights and candlesticks that would be perfect in any home.