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Bracelets in several materials, colours and styles
At Keyclubco.com you will find bracelets in several styles! Our range consists of bracelets in silver, gold, silver plated, gold plated and rose gold – and you can also get bracelets with fine crystals that will make your wrist sparkle!
Personal styling of the wrist
Our bracelets come in many different colours, shapes and styles so that you can find the perfect one for you. A bracelet helps defining your personal style and can also work as a beautiful partner for your watch – or together with other bracelets. 
Symbolic and meaningful
A bracelet can be the symbol of the love between two people, and that is why our bracelets are ideal as friendship bracelets or as a symbol for the way you feel about your soulmate. 
Only the best brands!
At Keyclubco.com we are offering bracelets from high quality brands who know how to put timeless design and quality together. Vi especially love the bracelets from Swarovski and Baccarat because of the sparkling crystals and experimental shapes and colours. Explore our beautiful bracelets and get inspired!