André Beaufort Champagne Ambonnay/Polisy Brut Nature


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André Beaufort Champagne Ambonnay/Polisy Brut Nature
This is a very good entry level when starting on the André Beaufort champagnes. An exciting world of organic champagnes, where you will discover how much quality and value for money you are getting. This sparkling wine are made in a light and refreshing style and because of that, a great aperitif to start with before moving on to your dinner. Imaging shinning glasses, blue skies and high sun at the terrace. Is it possible to wait for the weekend to come? 

The Beaufort family are one the first producers in the area to start on the organic farming and therefore some of the pioneers in sustainable agriculture in Champagne. The grapes for this lovely bubbly wine are harvested in the village of Polisy in Aube and from the village of Ambonnay in Reims. It all started in 1933 and this type of Champagne is one of the most famous ones they are making, not only because of the high quality but also because of the price. High quality is hard to put a price on, but with this one you get a lot for your money.

The natural way of working in the vineyard is easy to see. Beauforts vineyards are alive, with a high bio diversity and numerus different weeds. If you look at the neighbor’s vineyards the soil is grey, and you don’t have any kind of wildlife nor weed. It is almost like a picture where half of it is black and white and the rest is colored. The work in the cellar is also as natural as possible, you won’t see any chemicals, as you would in a more conventional producers cellar. It gives the champagnes a more vibrant and funky character. Something there is easy to taste, and nothing like a classic champagne experience. You can serve these bubbles as an aperitif before the dinner, but pair them with oysters or other seafood, and you will have an exceptional good pairing. 

• Grapes: Pinot Noir & Chardonnay
• Sparkling wine
• 0,75L
• Alcohol: 12 %
• Organic certified

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