Andrée Putman

Andrée Putman Préparation Parfumée Figue En Fleur


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Andrée Putman Préparation Parfumée Figue En Fleur 
What do your favorite memories smell like? Like flowering French meadows in early spring? 

In pastures and meadows around the countryside small primula rise their yellow heads toward the bright spring sun. In forest grounds violets shoot through the mould and shattered through scrub white Lily of the Valley diffuse their amazing scent. In a few months the fields will be purple with lavenders, but now it is spring. Early spring in Provence, where the air buzzes with infatuations and gives a scent of fragile fig flowers. All of Provence in early spring is encapsulated and immortalized in the unisex fragrance Figue En Fleur, which is a vivid scent-scape showing amazing past moments in spring. The Andrée Putman eau de perfum is buzzing and envelops you to worry-free mornings, where the sun is still mild, and the morning dew just appeared. 

Fig leaves and rose compose the first notes in the perfume. Fig tree and almond are the heart notes, which stabilize the light and flowy fig leaves and roses. Tonka beans and sandalwood create the balsamic base, that combines the floral and the soap-like creamy, into a clean, fresh, floral scent. An enchanting composition, that scares away all grey clouds and ensures you a sprouting French spring. 

The legendary French interior designer Andrée Putman made one iconic perfume in 2001, Préparation Parfumée, in collaboration with the perfume company Intertrade Group. She wanted to do a series based on her favorite memories, but the dream never came to life. 15 years after the first, successful perfume, Andrée Putman’s name was again on the front of a fragrance, actually an entire collection, but this time posthumously. Her daughter Olivia and the renowned French nose, Olivia Giacobetti, had created the series Andrée Putman had always dreamed about, but never got to do. Therefore, they named the series after Andrée’s first perfume: Préparation Parfumée. Every perfume in the collection is a sensuous recreation of unique moments in Andrée Putman and her daughter Olivia’s lives. 

Figue en Fleur is an aromatic dream come true, made for men as well as women and everyone in between. It is the scent of life, the scent of new beginnings – fresh, lightly spicy with a underlying aroma that draws the thoughts to morning dew or soft spring rain. The fragrance is cupids, endless conversations washed in red from the sunset – undepraved and pure. Only spring’s fruity ease can collect such vitality. 

Provence is the source of the memory, that is elegantly immortalized in a crystal flacon, stylish and sophisticated with a navy blue top and signed by the legendary Andrée Putman on the inside. 

It is as simple as that – Andrée Putman Figue en Fleur, treat yourself. 

• Top notes: Fig leaves, rose
• Heart notes: Fig tree, almond
• Base notes: Tonka beans, sandalwood

• Eau de Parfum, EDP
• Unisex-perfume
• Perfume maker: Olivia Giacobetti

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