Andrée Putman

Andrée Putman Préparation Parfumée L'Original


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Andrée Putman Préparation Parfumée L’Original 
Are you attracted to real French fragrances? Iconic perfumes? Or uncompromising design? Then you will love L’Original, the only one, the symbol of sober, French elegance.

The eau de parfum Andrée Putman L’Original is the unisex fragrance that started the legacy. The renowned interior designer Andrée Putman made a perfume in 2001, Préparation Parfumée, in collaboration with the perfume house Intertrade Group. That perfume became a huge success, because it was unusually aesthetic, just like its maker. True glamour, pure elegance and thoroughly iconic. Told with the words of Andrée Putman: “I’m interested in that family of things that will never date.” – and this perfume never will.      

It is an immortalizing of a grand memory, inspired by oriental gardens with spices and flourishing beauty. Preparation Parfumée L’Original is an homage to Andrée Putman’s masterpiece Hotel Pershing Hall’s vertical garden, which she designed and thereby, manifested herself in history books all over the world. Andrée Putman’s mantra was sober, simple and essential and it also defines her delicate perfume as well as her design aesthetics. 

On the 15’th anniversary of Andrée Putman’s crafting of Préparation Parfumée, her daughter Olivia Putman released a series of perfumes named after the first: Préparation Parfumée, and the original perfume was renamed L’Original. Olivia named the brand Andrée Putman, because the series is living out her mother’s dream: creating a scent of each special memory in their lives. Andrée Putman never got to create the perfumes, but Olivia did in collaboration with the French nose Olivia Giacobetti. 

L’Original is spicy without being heavy or burnt.  It is balancing between seductively intense depth and refreshingly pure. Andrée Putman L’Original is composed by wood notes, grey pepper, water lily and coriander seeds. It’s an aquatic scent, simple and stylish, that mirrors the grandiose vertical garden as well as the creator herself.

The combination of notes and the rest of the ingredients in the sensational fragrance are secret – and why? Because it is impossible to copy the elegance, talent and iconic style of Andrée Putman, and in the same manner, there will be no counterpart to this perfume. Even though all the perfumes in the collection are made from personal memories, L’Original must be the most personal. A masterpiece as an homage to another masterpiece. L’Original is like Andrée Putman, one of its kind, unreplaceable and exceptional. The perfume is a complex combination of notes, it is inspiration and devotion, a sensuous unity that leaves an unforgettable impression.    

• Secret

• Eau de Parfum, EDP
• Unisex-perfume
• Perfume maker: Olivia Giacobetti

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