A Lab On Fire

A Lab On Fire, California Snow EDP Perfume

A fresh and wild fragrance with california as inspiration

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A Lab On Fire California Snow 60 ml
A complex mix of everything California has to offer. From coast to city to the Hills in background. Dazzling sun on the beach, flashing paparazzi on the red carpet, dessert wind. Everything is captured in the eau de perfume, California Snow. 

The notes of sage and ceder forests are found in the sunlit state. Just like the eye-catching ingredient, marihuana, which symbolizes the Californian blonde girl and the frequently used narcotic in the star city of Los Angeles. The EDP captivates the decadent, Californian lifestyle with an edge and wildness.

The nose behind California Snow is Mackenzie Reilly. The style in her fragrances is imprinted with aesthetics and minimalism. She likes to experiment with raw materials. Materials that is not so often used in perfume making, hence the note of marihuana. The important aspect in perfume making is to have in mind how the materials behave and how they act with each other. In this way the fragrance becomes nicely balanced which is the case with California Snow. The fresh top of sage and chamomile makes it light and gentle whereas the rosebuds and the jonquille, in the heart, makes it sweet. The base notes round off the fragrance with the use of ceder forests and earth which reflects the nature of California. 

Fragrance notes:
• Top notes: California sage, sweetgrass, wild mountain tea and chamomile
• Heart notes: Luminous jonquille, rosebuds, golden hay and marijuana
• Base notes: Musks, wet earth, vetiver, cedar forests ala Big Sur

• Eau de perfume, EDP
• Perfume for women
• 60 ml
• Perfume maker: Mackenzie Reilly

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