A Lab On Fire

A Lab On Fire, Hallucinogenic Pearl EDP Perfume

Winner of the prestigeous titel ‘perfume extraordinaire’ 2019

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A Lab On Fire Hallucinogenic Pearl Perfume
What do you get if you mix suede, violet and bergamot? An absolute irresistible and seductive eau de perfume. Nothing is left to the imagination in the newest contribution to A Lab On Fires EDP assortment, Hallucinogenic Pearl Perfume. 

Especially two ingredients are among the favorites in the perfume maker, Emilie Coppermanns, palette of scents: bergamot and all types of flowers. The combination of the sweet notes from the flower, violet and orris, and the fresh, citrus scent from the bergamot gives the perfect balance to the art of perfume making. 

Emilie Coppermann loves to use intriguing materials you normally would not expect to find in a fragrance. In this case, it is the intoxication scent of suede. A bold and innovative choice! The suede leather adds an edge to the fragrance. An exciting contrast to the sweet and fresh notes. 

This EDP has gained the ultimate recognition during the Fragrance Foundation Awards – an annual event which is also called the ‘Oscars of the fragrance industry’. Hallucinogenic Pearl brought something different an unexpected and was thus awarded ‘Perfume Extraordinaire’, which is the biggest title at the show. Everything around the perfume such as PR campaigns and marketing are inferior to the voting: It is the fragrance alone that are being taking into consideration – the one fragrance that is something extraordinary.  

Hallucinogenic Pearl Perfume is for you who likes to experiment with your usual scent and indulge yourself in something completely different! Be surprised how the smooth suede adds warmth to your skin and how the fragrance manifests itself in the encounter between the sweet, the raw, and the sensual. 

Fragrance notes:
• Top notes: Amberette seeds, bergamot and pinkpepper berries
• Heart notes: Violet and orris
• Base notes: Suede, blonde woods and musks

• Eau de perfume, EDP
• Perfume for women
• 60 ml
• Perfume maker: Emilie Coppermann

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