Raaw by Trice

RAAW By Trice Blackened Santal Eau De Parfum

Winner of danish beauty award 2018 – niche scent of the year

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RAAW By Trice Blackened Santal Eau De Parfum
A very delicate and sensual scent that will make any woman addicted and every man captivated. Blackened Santal Perfume has an exciting mix of sandalwood and olibanum that are peppered with cardamom and is beautifully composed with a deep vanilla. The light violet and delicate iris complete the fragrance to perfection and makes it a must-have for your perfume collection. It is no wonder that this very fragrance is the favourite by model, Christel Winter and radio host, Maria Barfod. 

Blackened Santal Perfume is from the natural and vegan beauty brand, RAAW By Trice. Trice, who is the founder, has excluded all harmful chemicals in her production. Therefore, you will only find 100 % natural ingredients in her products. The natural ingredients are good for you, your body and the environment. The perfumes from RAAW By Trice are made of lovely, natural oils and organic alcohol. 

Trice found her inspiration for this perfume from a dear childhood memory. She was sitting next to her mother at the mother’s dressing table. All the beautiful and exciting products immediately hypnotized Trice. But one clearly stood out: an elegant perfume in a flask with a vintage gold pump. When her mother asked if she wanted to spray it on her, there was no turning back. From that day on Trice knew she would have to make a perfume with a vintage gold pump when she grew up. 

The gold pump is not just for decorating. It has a very important function. The mechanism in the pump mixes oxygen and perfume oil generating a mist, which ensures an easy and even layer of perfume onto your skin. The fragrance is unisex giving you the opportunity to share with your boyfriend or keep for yourself. 

How to use the product
Gently squeeze the pump so the perfume sprays in an even layer. Spray on your arteries and your neck. The body warmth will make the scent intensify. 

Fragrance notes
• Olibanum
• Rosewood
• Cardemom
• Violet
• Vanilla
• Cypres
• Sandalwood

• 60 ml
• Eau De Parfume, EDP
• Unisex
• Vegan
• Natural
• Not tested on animals

Ethyl Alcohol (certified organic alcohol derived from sugar cane), natural Fragrance

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