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Goldfield & Banks Wood Infusion Perfume Concentrate

A magic mixture of the woods

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Goldfield & Banks Wood Infusion Perfume Concentrate, 100 ml.
From green lush rainforests to red dry cliffs. Wood Infusion from Goldfield & Banks is a sensuous trip through Fraser Island, where all the wood scents in the perfume are collected. A vivid, strong unisex eau de parfum, that reminds you just how wonderful nature is.  

The fragile Iris flower opens the fragrance with an exclusive, light scent, supported by Sweet Orange sour backdrop. From flowering meadows and sun ripped orange trees, you enter the depths of the rainforests. Exotic wood scents from Australia wash over you and leave you with a buzzing sensual musk and dark smoked agarwood. Along your aromatic trip you’ll encounter the smooth, creamy sandalwood and the sophisticated cedar wood. Dimitri Weber keeps his promise: a true wood infusion - and always heavenly elegance.

The perfume is a homage to Fraser Island, the world’s largest sand island, which stretches 120 km through the dark blue surface of the Pacific Ocean. Behind the protective sand dunes grow ancient rainforests, where some of the extracts used in the perfume are found and collected. The nose behind the fragrances, the French perfumer Francois Merle-Baudoin, selects the scents in close cooperation with Dimitri, with the goal to produce unique perfumes, that express Dimitris admiration for the landscapes.   

Goldfield & Banks’ Wood Infusion presents a magic mixture of woody, natural and floral notes. The perfume drops are uncompromised vitality and a reminder of who you are, and where you come from. 

Experience the exceptional fragrance made for you, who seize the day. Wood Infusion is an unforgettable encounter with Australia’s wilderness and sensuous drama. 

Notes Wood Infusion EDP
•  Top notes: Iris Italy, Sweet Orange
•  Heart notes: lavender Australia, Australian Exotic Woods
•  Base notes: Amber, Patchouli Indonesia, Musk, Agarwood

• Eau de Parfum, EDP
•  Unisex perfume
•  100 ml.
•  Perfumer: Francois Merle-Baudoin

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