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Goldfield & Banks Southern Bloom Perfume Concentrate

Flowering luxury for you, when only the pristine is good enough 

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Goldfield & Banks Southern Bloom Perfume Concentrate, 100 ml.
Experience a world of luxury in every single drop of Southern Bloom, the newest perfume from Goldfield & Banks. 

Some say that our choice of perfume, spills our characteristics. The scents we adore show, how we want to portray ourselves: cedar trees signal pride, lavender calmness and innocence – but what about Boronia? One of the most expensive perfume ingredients in the world and one of the hardest to dose. Sweet and pure, it demands the attention with its prismatic floral quality. Many have tried to balance the challenging flower, most with very little luck, but Goldfield & Banks did it, and now you can indulge yourself in this complete sensation. Southern Bloom is a sophisticated, opulent and rare eau de parfum, ready to revolutionize your idea of luxury. 

Bruny Island is a sand spit, reaching out in the crystal blue sea along the Tasmanian cost line. Long and light, with green stiff vegetation. Every year in September the Island changes for a short time. It’s covered in clear pink flowers and the distinct honeyed scent. It’s “spring-bloom” and it’s the only time of the year this rare and gorgeous Boronia flower can be harvested. Native to the continent and just as stunning, different and mesmerizing.

Southern Bloom is a sparkling sweet unisex perfume for you, who fall in love in spring, indulge in summer, forfeit in fall and seduce in winter. Southern Bloom is created for you, who live vividly all year and doesn’t take anything for granted. This is the scent of opulence, the scent of life. It’s Goldfield & Banks’ most floral fragrance yet with its heart and accord of Boronia, and it’s a limited production.          

Experience a pristine world of luxury.    

Notes Southern Bloom
• Top notes: Iris Italy, Cassis France
• Heart notes: Jasmin Sambac India, Ylang-ylang Madagasca, Boronia absolute Tasmania
• Base notes: Sandalwood Australia, Coconut, Vetiver Indonesia

• Eau de Parfum, EDP
• Unisex perfume
• 100 ml.
• Perfumer: Francois Merle-Baudoin

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