Bon Parfumeur

is a French perfumery, which has created a very special perfume collection! The way the perfumes from Bon Parfumeur can be mixed and matched into unique combinations has not been seen before – but Bon Parfumeur shows us how to do it! 

4 series of perfumes Bon Parfumeur’s perfumes are divided into four series: A fresh, a sweet, a floral and a special gourmet series. The labels are designed in the beautiful colours; yellow, red, pink, purple, white, black and grey. The design of the flacons is very simple, yet aesthetic, and the black tops add a little edge to the squared glass bottles. 

Don’t let the numbers confuse you Bon Parfumeur themselves recommend how to mix and match the perfumes. Under each product description of the perfumes, you can see which other perfumes that are recommended for mixing. As an example, Bon Parfumeur recommends that the sweet 501 is mixed with the fresh 001. But you don’t need to follow the suggestions – there is no such thing as a wrong combination! 

A special feeling You can always sense a scent from a description of a special feeling – and therefore, Bon Parfumeur has made a unique description of every perfume: Behind each perfume is a story. A story about a feeling or impression that the scent evokes. As an example, no. 101 is described by the words: “A romantic walk along the Seine in Paris. High heels on the red carpet. Glamorous, sweet cocktails”. Furthermore, no. 201 is described by the words: “A meaningful conversation. A reunion with someone you’ve missed. A slow morning with good coffee. A break”. Let the stories inspire you to find your very own signature perfumes. 

The unique is in style! According to the contemporary fragrance industry, the unique is in focus more than ever before. We no longer want to own the same perfumes as our friends – and we love to get compliments for our special scent. A way to obtain a unique signature scent is to create a personal combination of different perfumes – exactly like Bon Parfumeur suggests. Everything is allowed: The perfumes can be mixed and matched in every thoughtful combination, and the more perfumes you mix, the more unique a scent you get. 

Perfumes for men and women It is not only women who can create a signature scent by combining the perfumes from Bon Parfumeur. The French perfumery has also created a unique collection of perfumes for men – characterized by the white labels with a grey edge. Moreover, there is a cologne series for men, which is known for more gentle perfumes. This series is characterized by white labels with a black edge. 

For the bag The perfumes from Bon Parfumeur contains 30 ML and the small size of the flacons makes the perfumes perfect for when you are on the go! It is nice to have a perfume to carry with you because in that way you always have the chance to freshen up – no matter what time it is! Moreover, a perfume is always a good idea for a gift, which is why we at recommend you to take a close look at one – or more – perfumes from Bon Parfumeur if looking for a thoughtful gift.