is a Danish interior brand creating small furniture and luxurious home décor. It is the couple Kathrine and Per Gran Hartvigsen that stands behind the brand, end they used to run Gran Living ApS. Now the couple has created AYTM, which will add something new to Danish design! 

Scandinavian, but sophisticated AYTM success to add a little extra elegance and luxury to the classic concept of Nordic design. Common to all of AYTM’s products are elegant silhouettes, soft velour and dark coloured glass. All of AYTM’s products – small or large – have unique details that make a big difference to the appearance of the products.

Large and small interior AYTM has created a wide range of interior products. The brand has made benches, chairs and tables, which can work together with other furniture or alone as if they were art pieces. AYTM has also made home décor collections that counts lanterns, bowls, candle holders, cushions and rugs – and much more. All products are designed having the same elegant expression, and they can all be mixed and matched.