Copenhagen Distillery

is a Danish experimental micro-distillery established in 2014 that holds a strong belief in the beauty of simplicity and balance. 

Quality gin in new versions Our assortment of spirits from the Danish brand consists of everything from gin and snaps to liqueur and aquavit. Especially the gin is very popular – and after tasting it all, we get why! Try out the organic bay leaf gin, the sweet and spicy orange gin or the stormy dry gin. 

The world’s strongest aquavit You can also try out the strong easter aquavit consisting of 58% alcohol – and as far as we know, it it the strongest aquavit in the world! We have also got an aquavit with dill as its primary favour complemented by green anise and lemon peel. The taste is sharp, spicy and longlasting. 

Organic all the way It is a mission to Copenhagen Distillery to become 100% organic – and they are already on their way! To celebrate their certification as an organic producer, Copenhagen Distillery made the unfiltered organic Bay Leaf Gin with dark notes from bay leaf and sweetness from cranberries. Taste it!