A Lab On Fire

Are you ready to experience something magical? Where nothing is safe, trivial, or as the expected? Then come along to a universe filled with mystery, secrets, and glamour. Come along to a universe filled with the atmosphere of a big city and seductive exclusivity. Come along to A Lab On Fire.Here, you can clothe yourself with unique and rebellious eau de perfumes, which are created from the same principles of the brand: innovation and boldness. Eau de perfumes, speaking to your inner New Yorker as well as your inner Parisian. You have the opportunity to choose between fourteen of the brand’s different perfumes. Each EDP is able to give you something completely different and special. All the flasks exude of industrial minimalism and chicness – the perfect combination of New York and Paris!

Small business big vision The French perfume brand, A Lab On Fire, has a true Cinderella story! Once upon a time, in an industrial neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York, the fragrance house saw the light of day for the first time. It was back in the year of 2000, long before the brand got its hot name, and just went by the name, S-Perfume. In ‘the world’s smallest fragrance house’, perfume magicians created and brewed day and night in the hunt for exceptional and unique scents. 

Ahead of their time The perfume critics were fast to praise S-Perfume for their bold approach to perfume making. But even though the company was acknowledged by the perfume expert, Michael Edwards and the perfume enthusiast, Luca Turin, it was still not enough to convince the conservative New Yorkers the true potential of the fragrances. The company was simply just ahead of their time. And there was nothing else to do than to get back to work and rethink the fragrances in the laboratories. 

Hard work pays off After a whole decade with lots of gumption and with the team members helping each other, wonders happened in the little workshop. A new goal was set: A new perfume was to be created. A perfume who spoke to a broader audience. But still with the old principles in mind. There still had to be an element of initiative, boldness, and a little touch of magic. Bibidi babidi buu – a masterpiece of a perfume was created! Like a knight in shining armor, the perfume, L’Anonyme ou OP – 1475-A, was the hero of the day in the history of the fragrance house. 

Two iconic eau de perfume The launch in Paris in 2011 was a huge success. Before the stroke of midnight that very day, the perfume was sold out. L’Anonyme ou OP – 1475-A was soon not that anonymous. Maybe it was the change of place. Maybe it was the stubbornness of the team. Or maybe a combination of the two? Regardless of the reason why, S-Perfume had finally made a name for itself in the perfume industry. And not long after, the next masterpiece sparkled brightly: What We Do In Paris Is Secret. The eau de perfume was created by the technical perfume genius, Dominique Ropion. A perfume that encapsulates the world’s most romantic city and the mystery of the fragrance house – all united in one single flask. 

A new beginning With two absolutely gorgeous eau de perfumes on the resume, the success was inevitable. The fragrance house had created a perfume brand, that was burning hot and the inner spark was soon unable to be kept within. A success like that needed a brand-new start, a new business and a new name: A Lab On Fire had risen from the ashes and gotten that acknowledgement it truly deserved – just like a real fairytale ending!