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Raaw by Trice

”Your skin is your biggest organ and works like a big mouth. It eats everything you put on it. The good as well as the bad.” This is the philosophy behind the Copenhagen-born, Trice Angie Christiansen, who is the founder of the 100 % natural and vegan beauty brand, RAAW By Trice. Your body is extremely sensitive to external influences, like pollution and bacteria. But also sensitive to what your skin is in direct contact with, like creams, oils, and cleansing products. That is why it is very important only to apply good ingredients, that will not damage, or in worst case, which Trice felt on her own skin, give your skin an allergic reaction.

Acne and eczema in the face was what Trice suffered from for many years. After countless attempts to get rid of her skin problem with almost every product on the market, she was almost about to give up. One evening she applies a skincare product hoping it will work. But the opposite happens. Instead of smooth and moisturized skin, she is met with red splotches, purple eye area and super dry skin, when she goes to look in the mirror. This episode becomes the kick-off for Trice’s mission to start her own skincare brand, where she will only use good, natural ingredients and keep all kinds of harmful chemicals, artificial colours or unnatural preservatives far away.

The natural ingredients have an extreme healing power and calming effect on the skin, Trice discovers. She begins to study herbal medicine and learns about all the different qualities of the plants. She learns, among other things, that rosehip seeds are filled with lots of good fatty acids and vitamin A, which are remarkable for treatment of dry and sun damaged skin. In the beginning, Trice experiments with oils from plants and seeds and mixes it together in small jam jars. The raw materials show their wonderful assets, when she applies them onto her skin. And it gives her an idea for the name: RAAW.

Winner of Danish Beauty Award is an award many of the products from RAAW By Trice have won throughout the years. The winner from 2017 is the nourishing facial oil Blue Beauty Drops, which are especially effective for acne prone skin. The oil calms and moisturizes the skin and absorbs quickly, so you will not experience a heavy layer of grease on your face. The drops are a faithful member of Trice’s own skincare routine. In 2018 it was the popular eau de parfume, Blackened Santal Eau De Parfum, that won the award for the niche perfume of the year. The EDP, which is unisex, is a favourite by the model, Christel Winter, who always gets complimented when she wears it. The perfume is also 100 % natural and made from natural oils and organic alcohol.

Is nature enough? Yes! Maybe you are wondering, whether the ingredients you find in nature are enough to cure skin problems like acne, dryness, and sun blemishes. But it all comes down to this: the body is a part of nature, and it is not made to be treated with artificial chemicals. If you want skincare products that works effectively and is not harmful to you, your skin, or the environment, then the products from RAAW By Trice are the ones you should try.

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