iLâme Beautérnelle

is more than just an ordinary skincare brand. It is a beauty brand with sky-high ambitions. With the desire to reach a little higher, longer and become a bit better in everything. Ilâme Beautérnelle is the fusion between spirituality and science – all boiled down to 7 products, wrapped in containers characterized by the two strongest contrasts: black and white.

Nobel Prize awarded science In 2009 a group of scientists found a connection between the telomerase enzyme and the ageing of cells. During cell division the chromosomes play a crucial role, since it is here you find the cell’s DNA. At the end of every chromosome there are telomeres. Every time a cell divides, the telomeres take damage. The more times a cell divides, the more damage on the telomeres. But if there is high activity in the telomerase enzyme, the chromosomes do not take damage in the cell renewal. Instead, this helps to create new and fresh cells. This is why Ilâme use Eleuterocomplex® and lipochroman as their main ingredients in their skincare.

Eleuterocomplex® and lipochroman The skincare series from Ilâme Beautérnelle is based on special knowledge of the two main ingredients Eleuterocomplex® and lipochroman. These are carefully selected based on the newest scientific results regarding cell renewal. These two ingredients have a special effect on activating the telomerase enzymes. And with an increased activity in the enzymes, the cell division will create new healthy cells and the skin will continue having high elasticity, being hydrated and plump.

Hyaluronic acid, pomegranate oil, lotus flower and vitamin C The list of ingredients is intense in the beauty products from Ilâme Beautérnelle. Ilâme have based all of their skincare on in-depth research on which factors that have an influence on our skin. Because of this, the brand especially focuses on protection from pollution and the damaging radiance of the sun. Here particularly the hyaluronic acid, lotus flower, vitamin C and oils from the pomegranate are essential to make that protection – to say, they make a remarkable natural sun protection filter, and furthermore protects you from micro particles and pollution.

Eternal beauty For ages human kind have searched for the source to immortality. Ilâme Beautérnelle also strives for the elixir of the eternal, infinite and divine. This is why, the skincare series is created in 7 parts, and 7 isn’t any number.  7 is a highly spiritual number, and spirituality really appeals to Ilâme. Through spirituality, Ilâme is searching for a road to eternal beauty. To Ilâme, skincare is not just a routine, it is a ritual where life itself is worshipped. 

A fusion of science and religion With all this knowledge combined with the ritualized routines, Ilâme becomes a beauty brand in its very own class. With products from this skincare series you won’t be compromising with your spiritual beliefs or with the nature of science. It all fusions into one brand: Ilâme Beautérnelle – Italian skincare in a remarkable high class!

A complete skincare routine The 7 products from Ilâme Beautérnelle are all you need to treat and nourish your skin. You get a day cream, night cream, serum, exfoliator, cleanser, face oil and an eye cream. Are you looking for tips and want to know how to use the products? Then head over to the individual products and read more specific details.