SMUK Skincare

With skincare from SMUK Skincare you will get a ton of great products with a sustainable profile. This means, that you do not have to compromise on quality, even though you are looking for beauty products without harmful chemicals. In the SMUK Skincare assortment you will find some of the most essential products for a skincare routine, but you will also find the more advanced ones, which really speaks to the beauty connoisseur. In the list of ingredients, you will find luxurious oils, omega fatty acids, essential vitamins, ginger, peppermint and butter from coconut and cocoa. Dive into the beautiful products from SMUK Skincare, which will most definitely work perfect as gifts.

From skin therapist to beauty brand The founder and creator of SMUK Skincare, Heidi Maltby has a day job as a skin therapist, where she treats all of her clients with her own products. All of SMUK’s skincare products are tested by Heidi Maltby herself and only the very best are put into production. She made an effort to put thought into every little detail, and on top of all the great ingredients, Heidi was very thorough when she had to choose the containers. The SMUK products are kept in miron glass, which is a special type of ultra-violet glass. These containers allow the radiance from the sun to shine through ensuring an even better preservation of the vitamins. So, when you purchase a cream, lip balm or body butter from SMUK Skincare you get a functional and beautiful design into the bargain as well. 

Award-winning Booster Serum In 2017 SMUK Skincare won an award for ‘best Danish product’ of the year with their Vitamin Booster Serum. The booster is a mixture of an oil and a serum, which is designed to boost your natural collagen production. Like all the other products from SMUK Skincare, you do not have to compromise with effect and quality, just because you prefer organic skincare rather than the conventional type.

The Face Roller Besides their skincare series, SMUK Skincare has created a selection of beauty tools. Here you will find the popular face rollers of jade and amethyst. The face rollers are very special, aside from being beautiful to look at, they also possess some beneficial effects on the skin when you use them in your beauty routine. If you want to learn more about the face rollers and their abilities, or about the holistic qualities of the crystals, you can follow the link into the different face rollers and read much more about them – They are available with or without texture.

Facial treatment with Gua Sha The Gua Sha is a particular kind of facial treatment. With a Gua Sha you can stimulate the blood flow, which will help the skin to obtain nutritional substances and add oxygen to the tissue. An increase in blood flow will decrease wrinkles and leave the skin with a renewed glow. In addition, the Gua Sha is perfect if you suffer from accumulation of fluids in the face – for example around your eyes. With a Gua Sha treatment you can make lymphatic drainage, which will help you to get rid of toxic substances and let fluids pass on into the lymphatic system. Do you want to know more about the different Gua Shas? Then find more information under Amethyst Gua Sha, Rock Crystal Gua ShaRose Quartz Gua Sha and Obsidian Gua Sha.