'K beauty' is here to stay! Within a very short period of time, this Korean skincare brand has impressed customers from all over the world with their skincare products that are all based on formulas containing lots of natural ingredients. Common for all the products is, that they don’t hold any parabens, alcohol or artificial colours and perfume. Therefore, you are able to use the products even if you have sensitive skin or allergies. 

The ocean holds a treasure Shangpree has created an iconic series of sheet masks that can fulfill different needs. Common to the masks is that they hold marine ingredients, which come from the sea! The sea holds lots of nourishing particles that our skin accepts instantly, because the particles are very similar to those in our skin: We take products with marine ingredients in more quickly compared to products with chemical ingredients. There is a sheet mask for dry skin, pigmented skin or aging skin that needs to be tightened up. We will be seeing a lot more of these marine ingredients in the future – and we can’t wait. 

Everything you need Your skin needs to be cleansed deeply every morning and evening, and it also needs boosts of moisture. Shangpree has made a skincare series consisting of everything from makeup remover and facial cleanser to serum. This way all your needs are covered when you use the S-Energy series from Shangpree. Among other things, the products contain cell-nourishing plant extracts and calming herb complexes. 

Masks for the eyes The skin around our eyes is super delicate and needs special care. That is why Shangpree has made a series of hydrogel eye masks, which can help you to moisture, tighten up and brighten the skin under your eyes. The hydrogel only releases its caring ingredients when it gets in contact with the skin. There are 60 eye pads in one set of eye pads so that you have the chance to use them often – which also gives the best result! 

Peel-off with gold and silver You now have the chance to take the peel-off mask to the next level – and mix it up at home: In the box you will find a stirrer, a cup and the powder and gel, and it is really simple to mix up the mask. You can have a peel-off mask with extracts of gold, amino acid or charcoal powder and soybean seed. The masks will change into one mass when they dry, and thereby they get very easy to peel off as well. The Premium Modeling masks are called GoldSilver and Black

Cool down your skin We need to cool down our skin from time to time. Because when the skin gets warm, the pores open and are more receptive to bacteria. But when the skin gets cooled down, the pores get smaller and the production of impurities decreases. All masks from Shangpree has a cooling effect on the skin, so there is more to it than just a refreshing feeling. 

Bring the clinique back home Shangpree has a vision to give all their customers the chance to experience the quality of a professional treatment with K beauty – at home. Therefore, Shangpree has made sure to match the level of the products being used at their cliniques. When you are wearing your sheet mask or eye pads, you have the opportunity to have a cup of tea, to watch a TV show or to do practical activities while enjoying your skincare treatment.