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Salle Privée

is a luxury label for the modern man who values high quality and an uncompromising design. It is for the style conscious gentleman who can tell the difference between good and bad quality and knows what true art and aesthetics are all about. It is fashion icon and designer Patrick Munsters, former owner of Scotch & Soda, who is behind the establishment of the exclusive universe of Salle Privée, and whose innovative take on fashion has led the brand to success. Prepare yourself for an adventurous love story. 

A groundbreaking take on fashion

Contrary to the pulsing, dynamic and ever-changing fashion industry, Salle Privée stands out by only offering one unique and permanent menswear collection, which is unchanging and available throughout the year instead of being seasonal. The collection only consists of the most essential items, which are so timeless and minimalistic that they are immortal. They are also created using only the most luxurious fabrics. Just have a look at the soft rollneck sweater Arvid, which is spun from 100% cashmere, or check out the water-repellent and stylish Mathys trenchcoat made from 100% quality wool.

Long-lasting items for anyone

As explained by Munsters, we often choose quantity over quality, but this is a misunderstanding. What we forget is that it is really the quality and the timeless concept that we should be pursuing. Therefore, Munsters’ designs are simple and minimalistic, which is why the collection is suitable for every man. The chosen colors are understated and can be counted on one hand. Therefore, all of the items from Salle Privée match each other – pretty genius. Having a wardrobe of Salle Privée items means you have an outfit for every occasion.  

Exclusive or casual – Salle Privée does it all

Whether you are looking for an outfit for a formal dinner party, barbecue in the backyard or Sunday spent on the couch, Salle Privée’s collection can be styled to your preference. Use the Evron shirt with or without a butterfly, formalize the look with the Lloyd blazer and the matching Rocco suit trousers, or downgrade it by pulling over a sweater for a more casual expression.

Masculine perfumes

Are you searching for that special fragrance that is capable of blowing everyone’s mind? That special fragrance so masculine and seductive that you become irresistible? Or are you desperately searching for the perfect gift for the man who has it all? Then you should think about exploring the five delicate perfumes from Salle Privée. As with the clothing, the perfumes have been created with the intention of keeping the unique quality that has relevance throughout the year – and for the next 50. The timeless aspect is key, and once you smell one of the exclusive fragrances from Salle Privée, there is no way back. Especially the nostalgia of Le Temps Perdu is quite addictive because of its timeless and alluring notes. Try it yourself. 

More than just a men’s collection

With its new and groundbreaking take on fashion, Salle Privée has become more than just a luxury label. Salle Privée is truly a lifestyle, representing an immortal inspirational world, which will continue to thrill and inspire the world’s fashionable men and designers. 

Salle Privée never goes out of fashion – no, Salle Privée defines fashion. Finally: something new happening within the fashion industry. 

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