Salle Privée

Are you searching for that special fragrance, that is capable of blowing everyone’s mind? The special fragrance, which is so masculine and seducing, that you become irresistible? Or are you desperately searching for the perfect gift for the man or the boyfriend, who has it all? Here comes the solution! Salle Privée is a luxury high-end brand for the man, who sees a virtue in the uniqueness of quality over quantity. Patrick Munsters is the founder and perfume maker of Salle Privée’s five amazing fragrances, and has said himself, that it is the luxury, extravagance and timeless aspect, that is worth hunting! 

“We have nothing new. And having nothing new is very new in fashion”, Munsters expresses. What is meant is, that the fragrances of Salle Privée are so iconic, stylish, unique and timeless that they can never go out of fashion – because they simply are fashion!

Inspiration from the nostalgic 70s

Munsters' inspiration comes primarily from his own memories from the nostalgic 70s, where in particular the freedom, the youth, the sexuality and the music were practiced. Do you remember, how the men let their sideburns grow wild, and how the women let their bras lie and praised open-mindedness? Super 8 is an example of and outcome from the inspirational 70s. The perfume has been made from a memory of the Super 8 camera, that entered the big scene in the 70s, and is today known because of its raw and retro look.  

Timeless and permanent fragrances, that has come to stay

A perfume for the winter season? A perfume for spring? A perfume, that is in particular suited for Christmas? Forget it! Instead of perfumes, which are seasonal, the fragrances of Salle Privée has been created with the intention of keeping the unique quality, that has relevance throughout the year – and the next 50. The timeless aspect is in the seat of honor, and once you smell one of the exclusive fragrances from Salle Privée, there is no way back. You’re caught! Specially the nostalgy of Le Temps Perdu increases a deep addiction because of its timeless and alluring notes. Prepare yourself, watch out, because Salle Privée is ready to blow you away – you have now been warned! 

Every perfume has its own purpose

Every fragrance is an expression of a special mood or feeling. Thereby every fragrance from Salle Privée has been made with a special thoughtfulness and guaranteed care with the purpose of pleasuring and moving every soul, every mood and every preference. As an example, the Kham-Sin perfume is an expression of adventure and warmth, and Celluloid Heroes expresses the love to the industry of movie and photography!

5 fragrances - 5 intensities

Smelling the 5 fragrances alternately, you will experience, that they have different intensities. Monochrome has got the gentlest notes followed by Celluloid Heroes. Hereafter follow Super 8, Le Temps Perdu and finally, as the most intense fragrance, we have the charismatic Kham-Sin. As the intensity increases, so does the color of the perfumes. You will see, that Monochrome, as being the gentlest fragrance, also is the perfume having the gentlest tone being close to white. Contrariwise, Kham-Sin has a strong and warm amber-colored tone, which expresses its just as sharp and intense fragrance. A funny coincidence? We don’t think so!

The solution for you on the run and for the indecisive

Are you also having trouble choosing your favorite fragrance, or are you often on the run? – maybe flying with only your carry-on luggage more than the regular?  Salle Privée’s 5 fragrances are also available as a Discovery Set making it possible for you to try not only 1 but all 5 of the amazing perfumes – every sample contains 2 ml and thereby fits your pocket perfectly! Just like that you can be the most fragrant version of yourself 24 hours a day. The Discovery Set makes it possible for you to test the fragrances and from there decide your favorite highlighting your personality. Did anyone say fast and easy access to seducing fragrance?