Mungo & Maud

Originality, quality, and timeless design. These are the three words, which describe the soon to be 15-year-old Mungo & Maud that saw the day of light in 2005. What was going to be the leading British, high-end brand in luxury accessories for cats and dogs was created over the kitchen counter by the British married couple, Nicola and Michael Sacher, in their Kensington home in the wealthy London neighborhood. For a long time, the couple had searched for pet accessories for their beloved English Setter, George. It had to be something that was kept in a stylish and simple design while still being functional. But the supply from other brands was almost non-existent. The products were either in poor quality or the design was tacky and kept in a speckled color scheme. After having searched with no results, it was suddenly very clear to the Sachers: they would themselves design nice pet accessories in a high quality, which suited the overall aesthetics of a contemporary home while simultaneously fulfil all the needs pet owners demand for their pet products. It should be products that they themselves wished existed. 

The dog Mungo and the cat Maud Nicola immediately began designing. The first product was a dog bed, which should give their dog a comfortable place to sleep, but still sit perfectly with the rest of the house’s minimalistic interior items. A great example is Mungo & Muad’s Classic Dog Bed that is kept in a neutral color, clean lines, and made from sturdy natural materials. Or the Plaited Leather Collar, which is made from the finest luxury leather making it classic all the way through. Together with the dog beds, the collars were some of the first products to be made from the luxury brand, and still are some of the bestselling items to day. Even though the couple’s dog was the main inspiration for the brand to begin with, they did not leave out the dog’s best friend, the cat. Soon, products for cats were also manufactured. In the design phase, Nicola and Michael had two very clear fictional characters in mind: the dog Mungo and the cat Maud. And just like that, the brand’s name was already a given. 

Acknowledgement and demand The success of the brand soon took off, and after the opening of their first real boutique in the elegant Belgravia area, the Sacher-couple was contacted by no other than perhaps the most famous and exclusive department store in the world, Harrods. Harrods had heard about the little up-coming independent shop, and they wanted to offer their customers a variety of nice blankets, stylish bowls, and beautiful leather leads and collars in a luxurious quality. Soon, big parts of London became familiar with the family business, and with Harrods’ many tourists and wide customer base, other parts of the world were on a first name basis with Mungo & Maud. After Harrods, the fashionable Barneys and Bergdorf & Goodman in New York, the luxurious Thomas Brown in Dublin, the extravagant Le Bon Marché in Paris soon followed, all wanting to take part in Mungo & Maud’s luxury products and worldwide success. Latest, the British high-end brand, Mulberry, has made a collaboration with Mungo & Maud, where chic collars meet British class. 

Luxury accessories for you and your pet There is no doubt, that Mungo & Maud has challenged the way we think about pet accessories in our homes. As Nicola Sacher once said, you do not have to live with boring and unattractive bowls, beds or even toys. On the contrary, it can be a true pleasure shopping for accessories, if you know where to look. This way, it is just as much a thrill for your dog or cat being surrounded with luxury products, as it is for you to explore them. Whether you are looking for leads, collars, bowls, or toys, you can be sure to find what you are looking for in a British pet brand. The products complement your modern interior taste, your need for quality accessories made from natural materials, and still maintaining practical functionalities. It is wonderful to have a pet, and it should also be nice to have a place to shop amazing accessories for them. Amazing accessories, that they deserve. This is the experience Nicola and Michael have made possible with their launch of Mungo & Maud, which you can shop exclusively at