– 100% evil free lipsticks. Ericka Rodriguez is the mother of the brand. She created Axiology for one particular reason. She was looking for a lipstick that did not bear the typical traits of traditional cosmetics, such as harming our world, nature and animals. At the same time, she wanted it to be vegan, organic and good quality. However, no product on the lipstick market met her needs. This is why she created a lipstick to embrace all of her desires. And with this dream, Axiology saw the day of light. Ericka calls Axiology 100% evil free, as her lipsticks contain no harmful ingredients, have not been tested on animals and have been produced in an environmentally friendly manner. 

The philosophy of Axiology Axiology is actually a philosophical discipline that is concerned with value. Axiologists define value by two main things: ethics and aesthetics. The ethical part concerns the moral and good, whereas the aesthetical part describes harmony and beauty. Axiology as a brand is placed exactly in this span of values – between moral goodness and aesthetic beauty – and maybe this is why Axiology shares its name with the philosophical discipline of value. The people behind Axiology create beautiful lipsticks, but with their highly demanding moral compass intact.

Beautiful lipsticks With Axiology you get lovely lipsticks in all kinds of trendy colours – one for each skin tone or occasion. At you will find lipsticks in light pink, pink, red, brown and purple. These colours are fashionable evergreens when it comes to lipsticks. The lipsticks are made in 4 different types, which are differentiated by their degree of pigmentation and design. All the 4 types of lipsticks and crayons will provide your lips with cool colours, nourishing oils and different covering abilities. So, what are your needs – do you need a discreet colour for workdays, or do you just love to wear a strong coloured lipstick when going out?

Sheer balms, soft creams, rich creams & crayons With a sheer balm you get a low pigmentation, which comes close to a lip balm with a hint of colour. If this is your need, we recommend you to try the bestseller The Goodness – with this you also get a beautiful shimmering effect. If you are looking for a lipstick for everyday use, with a slight indication of colour, you can go for a soft cream. Soft cream lipsticks have a medium pigmentation and is a bit thicker than sheer balms. Try the beautiful dusty rose lipstick Loyalty. With a rich cream lipstick, you get a high pigmentation with a complete covering ability – a true winner when you’re going out for a party. Have you fallen in love with the braver lip colours? Then you will probably love BAD. Or maybe you are looking for an iconic colour, such as the perfect red lipstick? If that is the case, True will surely be your new favourite. Last but not least, you need to check out the lip crayons from Axiology. With a semi matte finish, these crayons give you a truly elegant look. You should definitely try Keen or Enduring, if you are looking for a beautiful semi matte lip colour.

Organic lipsticks free from chemistry Axiology takes a stand, when it comes to the ingredients put into their products. A lot of brands within the cosmetic field use two feet long lists, filled with questionable synthetic ingredients, which most of us have never even heard of. When such products are applied to our skin the body absorbs these harmful substances as well. This is not the case for with Axiology. Axiology lipsticks are created with only 10 ingredients – and in this context, less is always more. The lipsticks contain good, nutritional oils, shea butter and lots of vitamin E. With a lipstick free from chemistry by Axiology, you get a beautiful look, and a nourishing treatment for your lips.