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Goldfield & Banks

If you still don’t know the scents of Australia then get ready to fall in love. Join the journey through breaking blue waves to the top of ruby red rock formations. Discover the untamed wilderness of Australia in a sensuous love statement from Goldfield & Banks. Six exceptional genderfree fragrances to the woman in your life or the man of your dreams. The perfumes made for you, who seize the day.  

The journey begins The perfumer Dimitri Weber didn’t know what to expect, when he traveled to the edge of the world in search of the unknown. As a true cosmopolitan and a curious soul, he was always looking for new adventures. Dimitri was already familiar with many cities around the globe, but nothing could have prepared him for Australia. Grand in its diversity Dimitri was overwhelmed by its aromatic and botanical beauty. He fell in love and founded Goldfield & Banks as an homage to the continent’s dramatic nature and scents of the wastelands.  

Immortal luxury It’s the force behind Goldfield & Banks: the desire to share Australia’s wonder with the world. That’s why the brand is named after the continents first botanic and naturalist Joseph Bank, who collected and documented the fauna and flora. During his scientific work he revealed and immortalized the sublime botanical richness of Australia. In Bank’s footsteps the team behind Goldfield & Banks travel and collect samples of seeds, trees and flowers to capture the Australian beauty in pristine perfumes.  

A world of impressions A genuine cosmopolitan can’t be limited to find his scents in one corner of the globe, and Goldfield & Banks are never ending their search for the perfect fragrance and new inspiration. That’s why all their perfumes are composed by spices, flowers and aromas from all over the planet to balance and draw out the Australian ingredients. In a time where globalization break borders and freedom rings, Goldfield & Banks invite you on a trip around the world of impressions and scents that begins and ends in Australia.   

Catch up and discover The Southern coastlines of Australia with Pacific Rock Moss. The fragrance’s distinct and special accord is made from algae and wet green vegetation, that give the perfume its unique and authentic sea scent. Or experience the rare and luxurious Boronia flower, that can be harvested only once a year on the Australian Bruny Island. The flower is challenging to balance with other scents, but the result is extremely exclusive, opulent and flawless in the perfume Southern Bloom, which is ready to revolutionize your perception of luxury. If you’re attracted to deep forests and a glance of mystery, then wander off to the Victorian Highlands and find Desert Rosewood with its seductive sweetness, or get lost in White Sandalwood’s balsamic euphoria. No matter what you’re in to - Australia has the adventure and the fragrance to match it. 

”Discovery is the essence of Goldfield & Banks” Don’t be shy, seize the chance, and be part of the adventure. The world is yours, and the nature is ours in an homage to the wilderness’s wonders and the vivid life.