BeoPlay by Bang & Olufsen

first saw the light of day in 1925. It was in a barn in Jutland where two young, Danish electro engineers got together and decided to make radios. The two engineers were friends Peter Bang and Svend Olufsen. They spend many hours developing radio equipment in the barn in Struer, and after only a year they could add the accomplishment of the first Danish, battery-free radio to their resumes. With the purchase of the private company Bang & Olufsen, the two friends had started a radio business and went on to be pioneers in the radio industry in Denmark. Since then, Bang & Olufsen successfully created other audio-products like speakers and headphones, where sound is key, and that has contributed to make the Danish company synonymous with sound perfection. 

Quality and design
The design of Bang & Olufsen is non-mistaken: it is streamlined, smooth and first of all classic. The thorough use of sturdy materials like pearl blasted aluminium and cow leather underlines the Scandinavian and minimalistic expression and ensures products with high durability. To the electronics group, quality and design goes hand in hand, and after the passing of Peter Bang and Svend Olufsen in 1957 and 1949 respectively, the company still strives to honour the visionary legacy, left behind by the two engineers. This way, the two technical geniuses live on through their designs – not to mention their famous, unique sound, which they have created together. A sound which goes by the name B&O signature sound. 

B&O signature sound
The signature sound from Bang & Olufsen is characterized by being precise, clear, strong and adjustable to every room no matter size or number of people. The sound designers are dedicated to their craft and walk the extra mile when it comes to the search for the best possible sound. To this day, they still calibrate and fine-tune all their products by hand. And size does not matter: whether you are listening to music on a portable Bluetooth speaker or a larger stationary one, you will be pampered with the famous signature sound – a sound, which the music artists themselves have intended. Re-experience your old favourite music on a B&O-product and listen if you can capture new details in the melody or the artists’ voice now that you hear it through the signature sound.  

Innovative features
In addition to sound, Bang & Olufsen are also visionary when it comes to features that take their products to new levels. For instance, the BeoPlay H9i headphones are integrated with an optimized active noise cancellation (ANC) and you can automatically pause your music by simply remove one earcup a bit to the side. If you need to share the music with the people around you, then simply pull out the portable Bluetooth-speaker A1 from your bag and let the signature sound embrace you in up to 24 hours, with just one charge, by keeping it on a moderate listening level. You can control the speaker’s functions directly from your phone through the B&O app. 

Danish at its best
Iconic design, high quality and an authentic signature sound. This is quintessential B&O and what you can expect when investing in a product from Bang & Olufsen. Whether it is a speaker or headphones, you are guaranteed a sound experience and a design craftsmanship above the average. It is nothing less, than Danish at its best!