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27 87 Perfumes

paints a portrait of 21st-century youth culture with its four perfume lines, each of which represents a certain state of mind. Our modern lifestyle is encapsulated in every drop and each perfume is created to enhance and illustrate the presence we experience in our individual realities. 

The Avant garde perfume is co-created by some of the finest noses in the world: local artisans from Barcelona and the brand’s founder, Romy Kowalewski. Every part of the process of creating the perfume—from the development of the scent to the selection of the flacon and packing—is done by hand. Despite the perfumes being modern in expression and note combination, they are still produced using traditional craftsmanship. 

Romy Kowalewski founded 27 87 Perfumes in 2016 and began a new era of perfume-making based on her philosophy of co-creation, quality and art. It is the present moment counting, and it is our youthful view on that present moment, which has true meaning. 

Now Line: ”Scents to accompany and accentuate the day-to-day — versatile and present.” 

#hashtag is, as the name implies, inspired by the digitalization of our everyday lives—but what does it smell like? 27 87 Perfumes describes it as deep, floral and smoky. The eau de parfum continues to develop and evolve throughout the day and the many nuances in the fragrance are influenced by the wearer.

Genetic bliss is a molecule perfume that mixes with your skin’s natural scent. It does not develop over time, as other molecule perfumes do, but blends into you and your surroundings to accentuate your uniqueness and essence. The essence of who we are makes our silhouettes human and our distinctions make us unique. 27 87 has developed genetic bliss with the message “come as you are”.

Wild Line: “Scents for statement occasions — courageous and potent.”

Elixir de bombe is an eau de parfum for the moments when we forget who we are supposed to be and are simply present—courageous and proud. It is an homage to the explosive wildness that exists in us and a celebration of those rare encounters we never forget.  Elixir de bomb is a warm, sweet and spicy explosion that renews itself through the day when combined with the skin of the wearer.

Calm Line: “Scents to integrate stillness and presence — grounding and re-inventing.”

Hamaca reminds you how important it is to take a few quiet moments for yourself in this fast-paced life.  Hamaca combines the ocean’s salty freshness with warm and exotic notes.

Go Line: “Scents for exploration and faraway places — daring and spirited.”

Wandervogel Inspired by the lust for novelty, modern exploration and the quest to find hidden secrets—a sensuous wave of spices pushes you toward distant countries and unknown destinations. Wandervogel is light as air and filled with delicate notes from our vast and bountiful world.

The perfume lines are progressive and break with the norms of the traditional perfume industry. All perfumes are gender-neutral and we can all be free in deciding what scent fits our personality, occasion or taste. All the perfumes are created in adherence to vegan principles and are cruelty free—none of the perfumes or their components are tested on animals. The four lines open a world of sensations that keeps developing; all have their own edge and are long-lasting.

Come on a journey and explore sensuous avant garde perfumes and uncompromising philosophy. 27 87 Perfumes is a brand that has attracted worldwide attention and wide-spread renown. It represents the world as the young see it and mirrors the emotions and thoughts that exist in all of us.    

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