Flora D

is inspired by Flora Danica, a Danish botanical reference book, which beautifully illustrates many of the wild-growing plants of Denmark and Norway during the period 1761-1883. Flora Danica features illustrations of 3.240 plants, and these illustrations are reproduced as prints on Flora D’s scarves. 

Flora Danica: Science and artwork The idea to create the reference book Flora Danica came as a result of the Enlightenment, where the philosophy was to trust your own instincts and understand the world through science. Flora Danica was supposed to enlighten people with knowledge about wild-growing plants and their qualities. Flora Danica was published over 51 books and three journals and featured impressive illustrations of plants. Besides being a science reference book, Flora Danica has become known for its beautiful floral illustrations, and these flowers are the inspiration behind Flora D. 

Poppies, crocus, cornflowers… In the designs of Flora D, you will find many of the flowers that are featured in the reference books. For example, Flora D has made scarves featuring the well-known illustrations of blue crocuses, red poppies, fritillaries, helleborines, gageas, poppies, marguerites and cornflowers. All scarves are made of 100% silk. 

In respect of the original When the Flora D team make motifs for their scarves, they make sure not to change too much in the original drawings. However, they experiment with new colours and different combinations of the flowers in order to keep up with contemporary trends yet still represent the classic Flora Danica drawings.