is a luxury skin care brand from one the pearls of the Baltics, Latvia. Since their start in 2006, they have been pioneers in the skin care industry. For Mádara it’s all about backing their products with science when they are creating their hand lotions, body lotions and purifying mud masks. Backed by research, Mádara adds their passion for natural and organic ingredients, that they find throughout the Latvian nature. Nothing is left to chance with Mádara and this results in products that nurtures your skin and leaves it fresh and fragrant.

Natural Nordic perfection Mádara uses the different Nordic seasons in their development of cosmetics and skin care products. This means that Mádara works a lot with sustainability, where every product is made to minimize its footprint on the environment. In total, all their products are – of course – Eco-Certified. It is perfection to the bone when Mádara chooses and tests its lotions and anti-age serums. The ingredients are found in the local surroundings, where the tough Nordic climate has strengthened the plants, which results in extraordinary properties. Mádara is simply natural Nordic perfection.

Skin care that protects – even in cold conditions If we shift our gaze towards the single products, the Mádara slogan “Deeper than skin” testifies about a skin care brand that always goes the extra mile in order to ensure high quality products. Mádara Daily Defence Lotion is ideal for the whole body, where the natural and organic ingredients protects your body against all weather conditions – even the extreme ones. During a photo-shoot Mádara chose to go to northern Lapland. Here the whole team was equipped with Daily Defence Lotion and although the weather conditions were harsh, their skin remained protected. At we have handpicked Mádaras products from our personal favourites like Daily Defence Lotion, moisturizing masks like Mádara SOS Hydra and their fantastic scrubs that really cleans your skin and leaves in fresh and ready for tomorrows challenges.