The almost 100-year old Japanese company, Olympus, is still one of the world’s leading producers of optics for science and the best cameras. They have always been a solid guarantee for innovative solutions and an unstoppable strive for perfection. Besides making award-winning cameras, Olympus continue to contribute to the medicinal industry with cutting edge knowledge on crystal clear lenses in for instance, microscopes.If you are in doubt about what camera you should choose, we think you should choose a camera from Olympus. If you ask us, it’s the best choice no matter if you’re new to photography or an experienced photographer.

Olympus gives you a head start with photography Luckily, it’s pretty simple to get started with taking pictures. Let us take you through this quick and easy list of 3 of the best ingredients for a perfect photo:

01. A great motive 02. A great camera and a good lens 03. A sharp eye for beautiful details

With this simple recipe, we think that a camera from Olympus is the perfect solution. For example, the mirrorless PEN camera, you’ll get a camera of the best quality which takes photos on a professional level. The systemcamera PEN, is easy to bring on your trips and doesn’t take a lot of space. Once you have the camera in your palms, you’ll be taking razor sharp pictures – all in a matter of seconds.

Crystal clear pictures At Keyclubco.com, we think that photography should be easy and fun! To this day it’s a jungle out there with various types of cameras like D-SLR, Compact cameras and mirrorless system cameras. With innovative technology coming from Olympus, we think that the system camera like the PEN and E-M10II is a worthy competitor to the big and sometimes clunky DSLR cameras. We love the fact that a mirrorless camera doesn’t require a separate bag but has enough tech to capture amazing pictures!