Tivoli Audio

Sweet Jazz for the romantic dinner. Deep bass for the round birthday. Classic music on the beach while watching the sunset. Funny subjects from your favorite podcast and intriguing crime stories from your audio book. No matter occasion, time and place the amazing products from Tivoli Audio will sweeten both your ears and day. With a product from Tivoli Audio, whether it is a radio, a music system or a speaker, you are guaranteed rich and clear sound whatever size and sound level.

The story behind

It was in 2000 that Tivoli Audio for the first time saw the daylight. The brand was created with the intention of making radios, which were more than just radios – their vision was to deliver high-quality sound and in the meantime be aesthetic. It is clear that the two founders, Henry Kloss and Tom DeVesto, have succeeded with their vision, since Tivoli Audio is today highly acknowledged by sound and music enthusiasts around the world.

Award-winning brand

Tivoli Audio’s most popular creation is by far the PAL-series, which is awarded and honored by every sound-lover with respect for oneself, who does not want to compromise on quality. The latest family member PAL+ BT does, without a doubt, live up to the vision of Kloss and DeVesto. The radio is upgraded with a new Bluetooth function, and according to reviewers it is by far one of the best compact portable music systems.

The aesthetic design

The vision of making aesthetic design solutions is also carried out through the beautiful speakers. Both the ORB and the CUBE speaker are a true pleasure for the eye, and they will definitely upgrade your home’s interior design This is among other things due to the function buttons being hidden away. CUBE is acknowledged for being the perfect mix of style and tone, and it is not that odd if you become addicted to its enchanting magic. You can place the ORB on the shelf as a sculpture, hang it on the wall as art or bring it to the garden while drinking a glass of rosé wine, since it is wireless and multi-functional.

Good sound on the run

Most products from Tivoli Audio is wireless, portable and equipped with simple connection via Bluetooth, which make them easy to carry around wherever you go. Especially, the Andiamo Speaker is small and handy, and with its delicate Italian leather-strap it is designed to follow you around. Hang it on the bicycle’s handlebars or put it in the bag and dream yourself far away in your preferred music universe while seeking adventure.

ART by Tivoli Audio

is one of Tivoli Audio’s luxury product lines, and it delivers exquisite sound quality. What is special about the collection is, that you can combine the speakers from the line and by that built up your own personal sound-system. You can easily use a single speaker from the line, but if you mean, that music simply can’t get too loud, or if you have a weakness for a rich surround-sound, you can as well pair a stereo-couple and enrich your home and ears with a multi-room-audio. 

Listen to the same sound in every room of the house or listen to a podcast in the bathroom and music in the kitchen. Like ORB and CUBE, the wonderful Model One Digital+ and the functional ConX adapter are as well a part of the exclusive product line. What do you say? Are you ready to explore the exciting sound combinations?

Convert, convert, convert

Do you only have a single sound product from the ART collection, and do you want to connect it to another speaker? Do not fear. The ConX adapter makes it possible to connect other devices to your ART by Tivoli Audio collection. With the adapter you can convert your normal speaker to become a Wi-Fi speaker so you can use it in combination with your ART by Tivoli Audio product.

Be prepared to be taken by storm.

One-time Tivoli Audio – always Tivoli Audio.