was founded by Madame Carven in 1945. At that time, it was luxurious designer clothing which was Carven’s main product and the designs quickly turned out to be a favourite among the French elite. Carven’s designs were chic and created by Madame Carven’s wish to make clothes to petite women. At Madame Carven’s time, she didn’t think that there were any clothes, that matched her size! Turn forth the time a bit and then you’ll find out that Carven in fact was one of the first to market her clothes in foreign countries such as Brazil, Egypt, Turkey and Iran. Her marketing trip to Egypt had a great impact on her future designs, which featured pharaoh-like clothes.

From Haute Couture to legendary perfumes Designer clothes is one but many things to come out from the creative house of Carven. To this day, a lot of people knows Carven because of their legendary perfumes and the beautiful flacons. Take for example the classic Ma Griffe which scent, and couture legacy is inspired by Madame Carvens favourite flowers: Gardenia, jasmine and rose. Ma Griffe is simply a fantastic eau de perfume! But perfumes for women is also just one category at Carven. They create wonderful perfumes for men as well! The Carven Vetiver EDT has kept its special scent, which was created in 1957 and has since then got a new look. The Vetiver is an instant classic!

Carven at We are happy to have Carven in our collection. The perfumes are among one of our personal favourites. They smell great – even over time. The scent unfolds with wonderful notes of beautiful flowers and sorts of trees and on a bonus note, the perfumes are nice to have on display at home. We love La Maison Carven and when we give the perfumes a spray, it is almost like we’re standing right in the middle of the beating heart of Paris! C’est magnifique!