Every day our skin is being exposed to many challenges. The many challenges make your skin look tired, dry, loose and without glow. The reasons behind this is found in the immune triggers, which gets activated multiple times during the day because of a constant bombardment from for example pollution and strong rays from the sun. The skins natural immune triggers are overworked after a long day and this results in skin looking older because of those pesky immune triggers which all day have blocked for natural production of collagen and elasten.

Award-winning skincare Enter British Aurelia and their award-winning series of probiotic skincare. Aurelia was founded by Claire Vero who is almost a probiotic skincare guru. Claire and Aurelia have since 2013 been glowing leaders in their field of skincare and have won more than 100 prizes for their products. The skincare products from Aurelia is great for all types of skin, whether the skin is oily, combination skin or sensitive. Probiotics, which Aurelias products are based upon, has in some cases proven useful against impurities and acne.

What is probiotic skincare? Probiotics are a collection of lactic acid bacteria which has been used as a dietary supplement that keeps your digestive system healthy and your immune system in great shape. It can seem a little weird to use supplements that cares for the digestive system, as a lotion or serum for your face, but! Probiotics have shown to be an amazing gift for your skin. Aurelia are leaders in their field and their series of Probiotics helps with:

01. Protecting your skin from invisible attacks 02. Calms overstimulated immune triggers 03. Boosting the natural production of the skin's collagen and elastane 04. Revitalizes the skin and leaves it with a beautiful glow.

An instant favourite We are in love with Aurelias Probiotic Skincare, because it’s a full package of all great things for your skin! Skincare from Aurelia is not just a healing hand for a stressed-out skin. It’s a break from a hectic day, a piece of mindfulness for yourself. The best part about Aurelia is that every product is BioOrganic, free from animal testing and created from an ethically right point of view. This is important, because it leaves you with skincare where you don’t have to worry about what you are using for your skin.