is the answer to your hottest barbeque dream. Beefer Original isn’t just any regular barbeque. It is the perfect barbeque which gives your meat the quality of steakhouses – every time. Beefer Original is great German craftmanship, which reaches extremely high temperatures. Barbeques from Beefer Original equals to high quality, perfect results and an astounding design.

Fire-hot results A barbeque from Beefer works differently than you regular Weber barbeque – how’s that you may think? Well there are two main differences to spot. First difference is that the temperature in a Beefer barbeque reaches a whopping 800 degrees celcius – that’s 1500 Fahrenheit! A regular barbeque only reaches about 2-300 degrees celcius – or 5-700 Fahrenheit. When you are able to reach so high degrees, your meat will be ready in 30 seconds and will be smoking hot and a perfect seared surface. Second difference is that the heat in a Beefer comes top-down, that means that you can catch all the juices from your grilled meat and make a great BBQ sauce.

A dream come true for every BBQ master At we love to get the barbeque going – and it doesn’t have to be strictly during the summer. A Beefer Original doesn’t use charcoal but is an effective gas barbeque that starts in no time. That means that you don’t have use a starter chimney and wait until the charcoals are ready. It also means that you that grill your ribeye steaks, tenderloins or t-bone steaks all year round. So, what are you waiting for? Get onboard and get perfect barbeque results with Beefer Original!