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or Two Times You, is a Melbourne, Australia based sports brand working towards multiplying human performance. 2XU is best known for their compression clothing like tights, shirts and t-shirts for training and shorts. It is in short, clothes which are not just clothes. Clothes from 2XU enhances your sports performance by applying strategic pressure to your limbs. These pressures help increasing blood flow and supports your muscles, this helps among other with less sore muscles after a tough workout.

What are compression clothes? Compression clothing has long been known as classic compression socks, which are used as a remedy against blood clots with patients who experience bad blood circulation. It’s more or less the same principle with compression clothing. The difference between pure medicinal use and sports is that compression clothing is specifically made for sports performance. Fitness clothes with compression works by putting strategic compression on specific areas of your muscle groups. The compression helps blood flow run smooth and makes waste products like lactide acid less prone to stay in your muscle groups. When our body has less levels of e.g. lactide acid, we will experience that our performance is better and that recovery after a tough workout feels faster. That way, you can beat your own records a lot more effective!

Training clothing you can use every day! Keyclubco.com loves clothes that gives that little extra to your workout. That is why we have handpicked 2XU to our collection of training clothes. 2XU makes all kinds of compression clothing for men, women and even prenatal fitness clothes! The clothes from 2XU is extremely lightweight and follows your body’s movement instead of limiting it. Throughout our personal tests, we have experienced less sore muscles after fitness with the clothing and some of us are so happy with 2XU compression clothes, that we use it on a daily basis!