Frederik Bagger

is one of the most popular designer brands in Scandinavia! Frederik Bagger is the man behind the well-known Crispy-series that consists of glassware and porcelain with an elegant crystal pattern.

A design family The brand of Frederik Bagger was established in 2014, and it was because of his father, the Danish designer Erik Bagger, that Frederik Bagger had the idea and the passion to create his own company offering his own designs. Today the brand offers both cups, glasses, carafes, plates, vases and even lamps.

Favourites We love the products from Frederik Bagger because they are classic, yet modern. The products are safe to use in the dishwasher, in the oven and in microwave. Furthermore, there is a two-year breakage warranty on all porcelain series. It is because of the high quality and the sense of sophisticated, Scandinavian design that we offer the products from Frederik Bagger here on our shop.

An ideal gift There are several of the Frederik Bagger products that are perfect as gifts! As an example, there is the popular Love-vase of glass that comes in three sizes or the well-known tumblers that come in sets of two.